Hometown: Brooklyn, NY   


Activities: Distinguished Men of Color, Omega Alpha Social House, Ceramics Club, working at theFinancial Aid Office.

Study Abroad: I went to Madrid, Spain for the fall semester of 2012

Why Did I Want to be a Senior Fellow

I wanted to become a Senior Fellow to convey my perspective as one of the many voices of Middlebury. The Middlebury community is comprised of a diverse group of deeply driven students who strive to reach their goals—whether academic or personal—every day. It is this very spirit of Middlebury that brought me to this campus, and one that I feel should be an integral part of what admissions portrays to potential students. Part of what makes being a member of this small community rewarding is the unique array of experiences and journeys of every student—both before and throughout the four amazing years. My personal journey was leaving both the comfortable familiarity of my small high school and family in Brooklyn to eventually finding gratefulness for the deep, positive impact Middlebury has given me. This has ranged from finding a love for neuroscience and the Spanish language to stumbling upon a passionate care for diversity and community. By Being a Senior Admissions Fellow, I hope to portray the impact Middlebury has on each step of your personal and academic journey.

What I did this summer

This summer I'm working at MTV as a research intern for the Latin American Broadcast Network. Besides working at this incredible internship, I hope to volunteer in my community as well as spend some quality time with friends at Central Park--my favorite part of New York City.

Favorite things

Favorite Class of Professor

My favorite class I've taken at Middlebury is definitely Animal Behavior with Professor Tom Root. It was the perfect example of going beyond the textbook and actually observing and designing experiments that assessed the concept of animal behavior. It was hard not to absorb Professor Roots passion in the subject,and our experiment with tarantula locomotion eventually inspired me to pursue research the following semester on daddy long legs. 

Favorite Vermont-based activity

Nothing beats a relaxing day at Lake Dunmore or a scenic drive through the Vermont countryside

Favorite Middlebury Tradition or Event

The Winter Carnival is an annual festivity in which the whole Middlebury community participates in bonfires, ice skating shows, firework displays and other winter-related events. It is an especially warm environment in which everyone is friendly and the whole community is together. 

Favorite Spot on Campus

The hill outside of Gifford that faces the east side of campus. 

Favorite Dining Hall Concoction

The breakfast panini: sausage, egg, syrup, cheese, onion and bacon all in an english muffin. 

How have you changed in the course of your time at Middlebury?

I entered Middlebury like most other college students: stumbling, confused, but most of all excited. My progress here has not only allowed me to become a more confident and aware person, but even find out who I am and what inspires me. This was not an instant realization but rather a gradual process in which each class, friendship, and experience has contributed to my own perspective and identity. 

One thing every Middkid should do before they graduate

Watch the sunrise from outside Mead Chapel.