Hometown: Westport, CT

Major: Economics

Minors: Political Science and Spanish

Activities: Improvisational Troupe Otter Nonsense PlayersTedx MiddleburyFed Challenge Team, and YouPower

Study Abroad: I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Ecuador this past spring. As ones soul has not yet adapted to the fast pace of air travel, I am physically back here in America but my soul is still somewhere lost in the Cloud Forest of Imbabura. 

Why I wanted to become a Senior Fellow

I have been interested in being a Senior Fellow since I learned of the position as a freshman. While I remember the information session I attended as a prospective and hopeful Middlebury student, I distinctly remember the information session I sat in on as a tour guide in training freshman year. I sat there, already excited for the opportunity to share my Middlebury experience as a tour guide, thinking to myself, “Wow, this is the coolest job on campus.” Not only do senior fellows contribute to the overall workings of the admissions office, offering to help with any and all ad hoc projects available, but also they get to talk about how awesome Middlebury is. After arriving on campus as a freshman, I quickly realized that Middlebury truly has something special going on and I wanted to give back. At home, I have to monitor my Middlebury over-enthusiasm as no one understands and it feels like bragging. Here at Middlebury, I have to monitor my joy as my friends are the first to remind me that they too understand and don’t need to hear about it all the time. I am constantly looking for an outlet to express my love and enthusiasm for Middlebury and exude the genuine Middlebury spunk that all Midd kids possess.  

What I did this past summer

While I have many plans for this summer, from acclimating to American culture after 5 months abroad, to riding the NYC subways to and from my internship in lower Manhattan, to beginning the slow training process for the NYC Marathon, the plan I am most excited for I must patiently wait for - packing up my 1999 Ford Explorer for the return to Middlebury.

Favorite Things

Favorite Class or professor

My favorite class and/or professor is a tough question to answer as I have found myself continually enthralled with the academic diversity at Middlebury.  If I had to choose, I would say it is a tie between my Freshman Year Seminar, entitled The True Believer, or my Political Economy of Development course I took as a sophomore.  My FYS professor instilled in me a confidence in writing that I had never had before and although I am an economics major and he is a philosophy and sociology professor, we still keep in touch.  My PED course was incredible.  Not only were the two, yes two, professors outstanding, but also the class was all about what you put into it.  We were encouraged to do the readings, but never obligated, yet the entire class read them because they were so interesting and everyone was intrinsically motivated to do so. Outside of class we wrote our own policy brief for a country of choosing, mine was China. MY studies in these two classes, although I did not realize it at the time, shaped me into the student I was before going abroad, ready and wanting to experience something totally new and challenging.

Favorite Vermont-based activity
Too many to pick. If I had to chose it would be those impromptu adventure mornings over the weekend when you wake up and ask your friends, “Hey, what mountain do we want to climb today?” Grab some apples from Proctor, make some PB&Js, and you are on your way to a great day.

Favorite Middlebury tradition or event

Parents weekend. My parents bring up our dog and my dad and I play Frisbee on Battell Beach. He always throws the Frisbee to random others passing by. I used to be embarrassed and now I can’t wait every year for that fall weekend.

Favorite spot off campus

Carol’s Café or a day trip to Burlington

Favorite dining hall concoction

A solid Panini in proctor

How have you changed in the course of your time at Middlebury?

I call my parents a lot more.

One thing every Middkid should do before they graduate

Climb to the top of the Middlebury College Snow Bowl with some friends in the early fall or spring as the sun is setting then stay a little longer for stargazing.