Hometown: Rosemont, PA

Major: English & American Literatures

Activities: Video and audio production, Middlebury Mountain Club, Costume design, working for the Project on Creativity & Innovation (most specifically with The Old Stone MillMiddChallenge, and MiddCORE)

Why I wanted to become a Senior Fellow

I wanted to become a Senior Fellow because Admissions is interesting and exciting, particularly at Middlebury with such wonderful people in the office. I also wanted to become a Senior Fellow because some of the things that have been most rewarding about my time at Middlebury were things I had no exposure to during my own visit to campus. Of course everyone will have their own experiences with stumbling into new territory once he or she is here, but I am excited to share my experience in the hopes that prospective students can discover these campus resources and opportunities sooner than I did.

What I did this summer

This summer I am interning for two organizations and mainly doing multimedia production for both (audio, photography, and video): The Project on Creativity & Innovation on campus and the Vermont Folklife Center in the town of Middlebury.

Favorite things

Favorite Class or professor

Introduction to Costume Design with Jule Emerson, Reading Literature with Dan Brayton. Jule Emerson is an engaging and talented professor. She taught me a lot about costume design, but also a lot about creativity and working in a creative context. Dan Brayton's class was able to weave together literature from broad and diverse sources and seeing the connections among these works was challenging but rewarding. The class also included a weekly evening lecture from faculty in other departments, which sparked my interest in taking classes with those professors. 

Favorite Vermont-based activity

Going to festivals! From harvest festivals to beer festivals to cultural festivals to music festivals...Vermont has awesome festivals to visit all year long. 

Favorite Middlebury tradition or event

Every May on the morning of graduation the senior class watches the sun rise together on the football field.

Favorite spot on campus

Proctor Terrace, especially in the evening in the spring and fall when everyone spends a bit too long at dinner just hanging out together. 

Favorite dining hall concoction

Peanut butter, jam, carrot, and honey sandwiches!

One thing every Middkid should do before they graduate

Work reunion! It is so fun to see a broad range of ages, career and life paths, and interests come back to campus with a shared connection of a love of Middlebury!

How have you changed in the course of your time at Middlebury?

Over the course of my time at Middlebury I have become more independent  both in the way I live and the way I learn while simultaneously learning how important community is to being happy and successful.