Hometown: Oakland, NJ

Major:Joint Major in Political Science and Philosophy

Minor: Mathematics 

Activities: Student Government Association, IM Squash, the Project on Creativity and Innovation. I have done MiddCore, Task Force on Alcohol and Social Life, Tour Guiding

Study Abroad: I went to Buenos Aires, Argentina for Fall 2012 and had the absolute best time of my life.

Why I wanted to become a Senior Fellow

I was inspired to become a senior fellow after leading many tours throughout my first years at Middlebury. I recognize the importance of an awesome first impression, and I want to make sure that families choosing colleges get to see the best of Middlebury through the eyes of a student who feels so strongly and positively about the school. Through my love for Middlebury, I hope to make others understand what an awesome opportunity it is to spend four formative years here with this big liberal arts family.

What I did this summer

This summer I worked as a leader with Overland. Overland is the summer experience of a lifetime for kids age 9-18. I led a four week language-learning and exploration trip in Barcelona and other parts of Spain with a group of 11 young high-schoolers. For the latter weeks of summer I will be working as a Marketing Intern with Groome Industrial Service Group, and returning to Middlebury early to train for MiddView, our freshmen orientation trips program.

Favorite Things

Favorite Class or Professor

Modern Political Philosophy with Murray Dry was legendary. We read thousands of pages and, with only 12 kids in the class, had some pretty intense conversations about the likes of Machiavelli, Hobbes, and Nietzsche. Calculus II with John Schmitt was also unforgettable because, well... It's John Schmitt.

Favorite Vermont-based activity

My favorite Vermont-based activity is season-dependent. In winter, it's waking up early for powder days at the Snow Bowl and in the warmer months it's tubing on the Dog Team river with my friends.

Favorite Middlebury tradition or event

At Winter Carnival I somehow always find myself running up the ski slope and cheering like crazy for the Middlebury racers that come flying by... It's hard to imagine anything more fun.

Favorite Spot On Campus

The organic garden is tough to beat for sunset, but a shady Adirondack chair behind old stone row is the perfect place to spend a quiet afternoon.

Favorite Dining Hall Concoction

If you are fortunate enough to find chipotle ranch dressing and tortellini on the same day... You just might experience Nirvana.

How I have changed in the course of my time at Middlebury

Middlebury has opened my eyes in many ways. The breadth of knowledge acquired here is unmatched. I have an appreciation for the world, big and small, and for the ability for our futures to be shaped by the words and ideas of history. Most importantly I have come to understand what it means to be part of a small liberal arts community- close friends, valuable classes, long days and late nights. Middlebury has shown me the importance of leadership and of personability in a competitive yet rewarding world. It has truly been the experience of a lifetime, and I will be sad to close this chapter in my life.

One thing every Middkid should do before they graduate

Every Middlebury student should learn a new language, and every Middlebury student should spend some time in a different country. The world is big. Learning a new language is the best way to get out and experience it, and only through travel can we come to understand the importance of our education, the value of our friendships, and the beauty of our own lives. I also highly recommend a trip to Mad Taco in Waitsfield. You won't be sorry.