Hollie Haigh '19

Hometown: Liverpool, England

Area of Study: Spanish


Hometown:  Liverpool, UK

Major: Spanish (Political Science minor)

How did you choose to attend Middlebury? How long do you have?! As an international student, I never had the chance to visit Middlebury before I moved out to Vermont in September 2015 with two big suitcases and a lot of adrenaline. Up until that point, all I had to go off was whatever had come up in the hours of scouring the internet for information about Midd. I am a big believer in 'going with your gut' and compared to the other schools I was looking into - however silly it may sound - I just got such a good vibe from Middlebury that I really clicked with. The very few interactions that I'd had with current students/admissions/alums were just so positive, genuine and comfortable and as a result, Middlebury was a place I could really see myself thriving at. 

On a more practical note, my generous financial aid package also made Middlebury accessible which definitely played an important role in my decision process.

What did you do this summer? With my grant as a Social Entrepreneurship Fellow, I interned in Barcelona, Spain with an organisation called VoxPrima.

Is there a J-Term experience that stands out as especially memorable? Taking MiddCORE! Hands down the best course I have taken at college.

One Fun Fact About You: I once won £500 - about $650 - at a game of bingo by means of a dance off. (Unfortunately, there is videographic evidence of said dancing).


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