Senior Admissions Fellows 2014-2015

As Senior Admissions Fellows at Middlebury College, we would like to use our diverse experiences to paint a clearer picture of Middlebury life and the admissions process for prospective students and families. 

The Admissions Office designed the Senior Fellows program in 2008 to help link high school students applying to Middlebury with students on campus who have an insider's look at Middlebury as well as the workings of the admissions process..

About the Program and Blog

We will post musings and memories throughout the year on the Senior Fellows Blog.  We hope you'll enjoy reading and exploring our blog, and that our updates on daily life at Middlebury will help you imagine what it would be like to be a student here.

In addition to providing guidance for prospective students and families, we provide support to the Admissions Office counseling staff by leading group information sessions as well as representing Middlebury College in and out of the office.

Our goal is to help you make your decision about Middlebury College.  Please don't hesitate to post questions and comments on the blog, or to contact us directly!

Meet The Fellows

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 staci_hill  steve  stevie  zeke  zoe