What was your biggest question when applying to college?

When I applied to college, my largest concern was whether or not I would have a good social and academic support base. I made sure that I applied to schools that had passionate students and engaged professors. I realized that when I chose a college, I would be living there for four years. That meant that I had to consider not only academics, but also the social scene on campus. The level of student involvement also played a major role in my college decision process. College is more than just academics. College is about self-discovery, learning, and making connections with the outside world.

What is your favorite place on-campus?

I have a few favorite places on-campus. For instance, my favorite study spaces are in Davis Family Library and Bicentennial Hall. If you get a chance, definitely visit the greenhouse in Bicentennial Hall! Overall though, I would say that the quad is one of my favorite places. From the steps of Mead Chapel you can see the mountains, appreciate the beauty of Vermont, and say hello to passersby. The scenery constantly changes, and not a day goes by where I’m not amazed by the gorgeousness of Middlebury’s campus. 

What was your best experience during freshman year?

My favorite experiences have been listening to stories at Middlebury’s Moth-UP and sharing meals with friends. The Moth is a venue where students, faculty, and alums tell stories with a certain theme in mind. The stories that are told at the Moth are both eye opening and indicative of the type of students that come to Middlebury. Furthermore, sharing meals with friends has given me an opportunity to listen to different perspectives, become better acquainted with my peers, and grow as an individual. What attracted me to Middlebury were not just the academics, but also the stories that students here carry with them. I firmly believe that, whether they realize it or not, every single person on campus has a story to tell/share.

You have 24 hours left as a Middlebury student. What would you do as a MiddKid?

I would have a long breakfast with friends, where we would talk about anything and everything. I would then go for a run on Middlebury’s TAM trail, and spend some self-reflective time outdoors. I’d definitely play one last game of Quidditch, after which I would sit with friends in Bicentennial Hall discussing various topics and ideas. I hope that I would have the chance to hear one last lecture, and then stay up all night hanging out with the people on campus I am closest to.

What is your favorite plaid color combination?

Blue and green, my favorite colors! 

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