Clare Robinson '19

Admissions Summer Intern


Hometown: Davidson, North Carolina

Year: 2019

Favorite class: My favorite class was a class called Heath Care Ethics in the Religion department. I took it this past spring and absolutely loved it. We discussed many ethical dilemmas in the health care world and analyzed the morality of different cases. Each week we argued whether a relevant case was ethical or if what was done was immoral.

Favorite pastime: My favorite pastime is playing soccer. I play soccer at Middlebury so during the fall season it takes up a lot of my time, but during the off season getting back out and playing soccer is what I enjoy most. Whether it’s a study break or a weekend activity, playing with my friends (especially when the weather is nice and we can play outside) is something I look forward to every week.

Favorite thing about Vermont: My favorite thing about Vermont is being able to ski as much as I want! Being from North Carolina I had never really skied before coming to Midd. This past January I decided I wanted to learn how to actually ski, so ended up going about 3-4 times a week! The ski season is so much longer in Vermont than North Carolina and having the Snow Bowl so close makes it so easy to go often.

How did you learn about Middlebury: Both my parents went to Middlebury so I have visited throughout my childhood a few times! I also play soccer so through the recruiting process visited Middlebury.

Tell us about a Middlebury Moment: Being a transfer to Middlebury, one of my biggest fears was coming to a new school as a sophomore and not being able to find friends in the same grade. One moment where I realized I had made the right decision by coming to Midd was when a group of girls in my grade and older decided to take me to the organic farm for my birthday. They brought cupcakes and we watched the sunset. It was one of the most memorable nights at Middlebury and at that moment I realized how amazing the people at Middlebury truly were.

What is one challenge you have faced while at Middlebury and how did you overcome it: I don't consider myself an extremely outgoing person when I am thrown into new, unfamiliar places. Being a transfer made me incredibly more quiet because when I got here everyone in my grade had already made their friend groups. It was a challenge to me to have to go outside my comfort zone and try to make friends with people who had been together all last year. Throughout my first fall at Middlebury I tried to reach out to everyone I had already met, and just kept including myself activities with different groups of people. Eventually, after putting myself out there weeks after weeks, girls who I had been hanging out with began to include me as well in their plans. Although this challenge was small, it was something that once I overcame, I loved every aspect of Middlebury that much more.

What is one thing you hope to do before you graduate: One thing I want to do before I graduate is hike the Middlebury Snow Bowl at sunrise in the fall when all the leaves are red and orange! 


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