Charles Smith '20

Admissions Summer Intern


Hometown: Cartersville, Georgia         

Year: 2020

Favorite class: Any Russian classes. I love learning more about Russia, its language and its culture from my amazing professors.

Favorite pastime: Rowing on Lake Dunmore or spending time exploring Vermont’s mountains and lakes, both in winter and summer.

Favorite thing about Vermont: Coming from Georgia, I’d never experienced winter before Midd, so the winter is definitely my favorite thing about Vermont.

How did you learn about Middlebury: Originally I wanted to apply to Dartmouth, but I discovered Middlebury somehow and decided to apply here instead after I visited.

Tell us about a Middlebury Moment: My Middlebury Moment happened at a Russian Language Table this past spring. Having been speaking Russian for only the better part of a year, I was able to have a conversation with my classmates about politics in the Russian Federation. That was when I realized that Middlebury is a special place.

What is one challenge you have faced while at Middlebury and how did you overcome it: Adjusting to the challenge of learning a totally new language was difficult at first, but Middlebury taught me to take those challenges in stride and keep moving forward.

What is one this you hope to do before you graduate: Win a log rolling contest


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