Hallie Feibel '20

Social Media Intern


Hometown: Simsbury, CT

Year: 2020

Favorite ClassSoviet and Russian Politics with Professor Kraus. Initially I only signed up for this class because everything else was full, however, it ended up being the most interesting and engaging class I have taken at Midd. 

Favorite Pastime: playing and cuddling with my yellow lab and tiny mutt

Favorite thing about Vermont: I love how Vermont has four beautiful, distinct seasons; you get incredible fall foliage, magical snowfalls, beautiful spring flowers, and a summer weather that makes you want to stay outside all day

How did you learn about Midd: My dad is a former middkidd!

Middlebury Moment: This spring a bunch of friends and I went up to the organic farm on a beautiful, warm night. We watched the sunset, listened to music, and ate great food. It was such a great time the stress of finals melted away. 

Challenge: I got a really bad concussion during my very first week of classes at Middlebury. It was incredibly challenging to keep up with my school work, adjust to college life, and make friends while simultaneously healing my brain. I had to spend most of my time for weeks alone in my room in the dark. However, with the help of my professors, dean, advisor, and new friends I was able to get back on my feet and have an ultimately great first semester. 

Hope before graduation: have no regrets!


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