2013 Summer Admissions Interns



Hello, and welcome to the Middlebury College Summer Interns page! During the summer, the Admissions Office is home to a close group of Summer Interns that are current students at Midd. We do anything and everything around the office. From giving tours to answering phone calls, our job is to give YOU a glimpse of what Middlebury College is all about!

This page is built for you to get to know who we are, where we come from, and what we do academically at Midd (from Molecular Biology to Environmental Studies, Econ to Literature and everywhere in between). There is a wide variety of interests among the ten of us, ranging from those who love French and Chinese to those who sing a cappella or are involved in the Student Government. Whether it be the fantastic language programs, cultural diversity in the student population, the amazing athletics programs and athletic facilities, or the arts, each one of us has a different reason for why we chose to come to Midd. Take some time to read over our student bios, learn about our experiences, and picture yourself in our shoes to determine whether or not Middlebury is the right place for you. Also, please take a look at our blog where we address topics pertaining to campus life and what’s going on in our own lives this summer.

If you have anyone questions regarding any of these particular activities or life at Middlebury, send us an e-mail (you can find our e-mails and our student bios by clicking on our pictures). We would love to answer them!

(Click on the photos below to read our bios, get our contact information, and read our blog!)


<p>Mirella Levin</p>  Thilan_Tudor  <p>Nick Rehmus</p>  <p>Eli Jones</p>   Audrey_Goettl
zeke_caceres  caroline_photo  Nicolas_Mendia   Luis_Alvarez  Katie_Taylor
Look at some group photos of the Summer Admissions Interns.
  Group_Photo_The_Beatles    <p>Group Photo of Summer Interns </p>   group_photo_boat

Also, check out these photos of the Middlebury campus and town:

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