Some Febulous Words of Wisdom

Short and Sweet

In this column, you'll find more tidbits of counsel from Feb alumni!

“Febs Rule!”

“Enjoy every minute and cherish the friends you make... September and Feb alike!”

“Welcome to the fabulous Feb club!”

“Life is short. Live it up!”

“You are about to experience the best time of your life!”

“Say yes, to everything.”

“Welcome to a very special and exclusive club! Make us proud!”

“Enjoy every moment of  your time at Midd- there's nothing else like it!”


"Once a Feb, Always a Feb! Best of Luck to you all and HAVE FUN!"

For this year's Feb Challenge, we asked you not only to share the wealth, but also the wisdom by writing a few words of advice for the incoming class. You were generous with both. You showed your Feb pride by exceeding our goal of 104 gifts—and providing some humorous tips and helpful insights for the new arrivals. Here's what you had to say to your fellow Febs! Pictures from this page are from past Feb celebrations—and all quotes from Feb alumni!



“First off, congratulations! I promise it only gets warmer from here on out (at least until next winter). Maintain your open-mindedness that landed you at Middlebury, in both your academic and extracurricular pursuits. You don't need to map out your four years from day one. Seriously. Seven years ago I was interning in gastroenterology at Children's Hospital, and today I'm writing from the GRAMMYs as an A&R at a major record label. Be open to change, pursue your passions, and explore those inklings of interest on the back-burner. Lastly, take a class with Dan Brayton before you graduate.”

“Being a Feb at Middlebury is the greatest gift you will ever receive. Enjoy every minute. Get to know your fellow Febs, and also the Regs (They're cool too—ha!) Take advantage of every opportunity that being a Feb and being a MiddKid affords you—there are SO many! You are so lucky and I wish I could be right back there where you are now—what an amazing 4 years you have ahead of you, and so many more beyond!”

“Go Febs! Enjoy this concocted distinction and get ready for an incredible journey together. Make each day count!... And remember, the Regs are more scared of you than you are of them. Make all of us Feb alums proud.”

“Nothing will prepare you for how amazing the next four years will be. Take every opportunity that comes your way. Stretch your limits and get engaged. And don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone!”

“Welcome to the wonderful community of Middlebury College! Don't forget to take some time off studying to enjoy the great people and environment that makes the school and town area so special!”
“Have FUN! Middlebury has so much to offer—beautiful landscape, interesting speakers, great academics—take it all in!”

“Welcome to Midd! Take advantage of every opportunity at this amazingly diverse school. You never know what random student club, extracurricular activity or campus job will end up becoming an important part of your life at Middlebury and beyond!”

“Spend AT LEAST one summer in Middlebury. From inner-tubing down the New Haven River to meat-shack BBQs, from bike rides all over Addison County to maple creemes during concerts on the green, it will be on of the most glorious summers of your life.”

“Go have a delicious dinner at Weybridge house and learn about cooperative living—my career in cooperative development, worker cooperative and living cooperatively all started there.”

Congrats on making the best decision of your college career—starting as a Feb!  Enjoy the experience and make sure you stick around for a full four years because graduation at the Snow Bowl was one of the most memorable events of my time at Middlebury.