The Production Advisory Group is a newly formed organization designed to streamline and facilitate the process of planning and producing performances in designated venues across campus.

This group brings together specialists across disciplines and departments. This breadth of knowledge and experience is available to the entire campus for consultation, advice, and event support from student technicians, to help make your performance a success. We can help you ask the right questions to make sure your performance is planned for the most ideal space, safely and smoothly, within your allocated budget.

All event planning begins with choosing a date and a location. Start with the Department of Events Management, go/scheduling, to start the process. This office may have additional questions for you, and will call in PAG to help you answer them. You may be asked to fill out the Performance Proposal Form to get the ball rolling. We must receive your request SEVEN days in advance to be able to provide support. For the last week of the spring semester, we must receive your request before Spring Break.

Meanwhile, we'll try to anticipate some questions you may have about this process, and answer them below. Please feel free to send any additional questions or comments to pag@middlebury.edu.

Who is the Production Advisory Group?

The Production Advisory Group (PAG) is a a 9 member team, chaired by the Director of the Arts, charged with making our extensive expertise in theatrical production more easily available to the entire campus. We will work together with existing planning resources such as the Office of Events Management, CCAL, or CAPP; using established procedures and space use policies to achieve this goal. The Committee includes:

  • Pieter Broucke, Director of the Arts
  • Lisa Ayers, Director of Events Management
  • Allison Coyne Carroll, MCFA Events & Residency Manager
  • Mark Christensen, MCFA Technical Manager
  • Charlie Conway, Media Services Specialist II
  • Mark Evancho, Professor of Theatre
  • David Kloepfer, Technical Coordinator for C-CAL
  • Jennifer Ponder, Lighting Designer/Technical Director for Dance
  • Allison Rimmer, Technical Director for Theatre

What type of event can this group help me plan?

The Production Advisory Group is designed to facilitate a variety of live performances that require lighting and sound support. Some examples include theatre, dance, live music, multi-media performance artists, and cross-disciplinary performance forms. Check this page for lots of planning resources.


What is a designated venue?

A designated venue is one that has been successfully used for a performance in the past. PAG has surveyed these venues and created a database [link to database coming soon] of available equipment, size, capacity, limitations, and best use for each of these spaces. When we help decide which venue is best for your performance, this database will guide that process.

What kind of help can I expect from PAG?


PAG can help in a variety of ways, throughout the planning process, from inspired idea through production and including the performance itself. Planning a successful performance doesn’t happen overnight!

Depending on the scale of your proposed performance, PAG can help with venue and date selection, review of contracts and technical riders for guest artists, determining staffing and equipment needs, estimating production costs, and make suggestions for remaining on budget and on schedule for your performance.

Making performances happen is what we do everyday—you do not have to become a technical director or Broadway producer to have a great performance—we can help!


How do I get started?

First reserve a space through the event planning office: http://www.middlebury.edu/offices/business/scheduling/eventreserve

Then please submit the Performance Proposal form. We will gather as much information as possible, and a member of PAG will respond.

The details of your proposal will determine the response. If your timeline is fast, or your needs are easily met, you may be directed to other planning resources. If you are planning several months or a year in advance, if the scope of your performance is large and complicated, if you need help finding a sponsoring department or organization, PAG will work with you to create a production timeline to help you throughout the planning process.