Which recommendation form should my recommender use?

If you are in doubt as to which form would be more appropriate for any of your recommenders, feel free to offer both options so that your recommender(s) may make the decision themselves. The online form is the fastest way to submit a recommendation.

I've already submitted one online application; how can I apply for another Middlebury program?

You must complete one online application per Language School. Students applying to more than one School must complete a separate application—including a separate $75 application fee—for each School.

Should I wait until I've been admitted before submitting a financial aid application?

No. Although no offers of aid will be made before an applicant has been admitted, your financial aid application may be processed in preparation for a decision in the meantime. We urge you to send in your financial aid application as close as possible to the time that you apply for admission. The address for that application is marked on the financial aid application form.

What level should I apply for?

Most Language Schools' levels are identified by a number that roughly corresponds to the level of study per year of undergraduate, college-level instruction (see exception for the School of Russian). In other words, level 1 corresponds to first-year, beginning-level instruction; level 4 may represent the advanced level of a graduating senior who is majoring in the language. You need not worry about your choice of level at this time, as our placement testing will ultimately determine your final level. What you put on the application is simply to give us an idea of where you think you are likely to place. On each Language School's website, you will find information concerning levels in the course listings; this may assist you further in judging which level may be most appropriate for you.

Are you still accepting applications for the program I am interested in?

To learn the current status of admissions for the program you are interested in, please refer to the application page for the School to which you have applied. You can access each School's application page from the general "Apply" page, as well as from the Graduate Programs "Apply" page (for MA degree programs).

Do I have to fill out the entire online application at one time?

No; you may click the "Finish Later" button to save what you have filled in and return at a later time to complete the rest. Once you click the "Application is Complete" button, your information will be submitted, and no further changes or additions to it may be made online.

I've just realized that I need to change part of the information I provided in my online application. What should I do?

Please send an e-mail with the correct information to languages@middlebury.edu, choosing as your subject line the language for which you're applying, followed by your first and last names (e.g., "Russian - John Smith").

Can I fill out more than one application online?

Yes; please complete a separate online application and read the application instructions for each School to which you wish to apply. Supplemental information such as transcripts and essays must be received before any application will be considered.

Do I need to fill out the "Summer Language Session" application if I want to study at the graduate level?

No; you should fill out just one application, for the specific program that you are interested in.

Will my application be processed while you are waiting to receive the supporting materials?

Generally, it will not. We need all of the requested materials, including the application fee, in order to make an admissions decision.

One or more pieces of my application materials were sent in directly to Middlebury; will you put them together with my application once everything has arrived?

Certainly; we keep track of all materials that come in and unite them all, as appropriate. It is very important that each part of your application materials clearly indicates which Language School it is intended for. Lack of clarity in this regard will result in unnecessary delays in processing your application for a decision.

My skills in this language have gotten rusty; may I apply for the beginner level?
If it is possible that you will test into a higher level based on our placement process, please indicate the level where you are likely to place. Consider, for example, that a person who has truly never had any exposure to this language would be quite intimidated even by your modest awareness of it, if you are both in a "beginner-level" course together.


My college transcripts will be delayed; can I send in a photocopy of my grades, or a grade report, so that my application can be processed in the meantime?

If you wish to submit unofficial copies of your transcripts or grades, you may do so, but be aware that no final admissions decision will be made until your official, sealed transcript has been received.

I haven't had a language professor before, or not in a long time - what should I do for recommendations?

Recommendations from language instructors are not required. Please see the list of acceptable sources of recommendations in the School specific application instructions.

The people who are most familiar with my language level are instructors I had more than two years ago; can they write recommendations for me?

We are interested in recommendations from people who have been in recent contact with you. If you have recently had language instruction or are in regular contact today with a former language instructor, then they may be a good choice as a recommender. However, since each Language Schools student will be tested by our own placement process to determine the level most appropriate for them, it is not necessary to have a former instructor attest to your language level. Our primary concern is that each of your recommenders be familiar with you from recent contact.

Can one of my recommendations be from a friend of mine or a family friend?

Not unless that person has worked with you in a professional context or as a former instructor. Please see your School-specific application information for complete instructions.

I recently held an unpaid position doing volunteer work; can my supervisor from that experience write a recommendation for me?

Yes; formal, structured volunteer work may count as a "professional context."

May I submit more than the required number of recommendations?

You may do so, but it is not encouraged.

Does each recommender have to use the recommendation form? May they simply submit a conventional letter of recommendation?

If your recommender(s) prefer(s) to write a letter in lieu of completing our form, they may do so.

How long does it take to receive a decision on my application?

From the time that your application materials are complete in your Language Schools' office, a decision letter to you may take four to six weeks.

How soon will I hear from you after I send in my application?

We do not send correspondence to confirm receipt of your application and supporting materials, but we will send you an email to alert you to materials that we are missing after the application and some of the supporting materials have been received.

You may also include with your supporting materials a self-addressed postcard which we will be happy to put in the mail to you when those things are received.

May I contact you to learn if my application materials have been received?

We strongly encourage you to include a self-addressed postcard with your supporting materials if you are concerned about their receipt.  If you have reason to doubt that your materials have arrived, you may contact us. Please allow a minimum of one week after the item(s) were mailed before such contact, as we will require some time to sort and identify all materials here in our offices.