MA Academic Tracks

The Arabic School’s MA degree program offers two academic tracks. The general track in Arabic studies features in-language coursework on topics in literature, history, religion, popular culture and art, and contemporary politics and society (including current events). The Arabic language pedagogy track focuses on Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language (TAFL), combining advanced coursework in Arabic and Arabic linguistics with training in second language acquisition, modern teaching methods, language assessment, classroom technology, and related areas. The Arabic pedagogy track is suitable for both current and prospective teachers of Arabic, at the primary, secondary, and college levels. Academic program requirements for the two tracks are listed below.

Academic program for the general track in Arabic studies

  • 3 units in Arabic language and linguistics
  • 3 units in literature
  • 3 units in civilization, culture, and society
  • 3 elective units

Academic program for the Arabic language pedagogy (TAFL) track

  • 5 units in Arabic linguistics and/or pedagogy
  • 3 units in literature, civilization, culture, and society
  • 1 unit of language practicum
  • 3 elective units

Each unit is equivalent to three semester course hours at a regular academic-year program. To earn the MA degree, the student must successfully complete a total of 12 units in the appropriate areas within a 10-year period.

Program Options

In addition to a program track, MA students must select a program option:

Option 1: Four 6-week graduate summer sessions at Middlebury at Mills. This option is suitable for students pursuing either academic track. The four summer sessions do not need to be consecutive. (Graduate credits may be applied toward the MA degree for up to 10 years.)

Option 2: One 6-week graduate summer session at Middlebury at Mills, two semesters (a full academic year) at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, followed by a final summer at Middlebury at Mills. This option is intended for candidates on the Arabic pedagogy (TAFL) track only.

Note about program option 2: During the academic year at Monterey, students will be enrolled in 18-20 credits of coursework in areas such as Arabic language pedagogy, Arabic linguistics, curriculum development, language assessment, sociolinguistics, and second language acquisition.

Although some Monterey courses may be conducted primarily in Arabic, the Language Pledge will not be in effect during the Monterey period.

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