Graduate Housing in Russia

Graduate students have the option to request a room in the international students' dormitory at RGGU (currently 530 rubles/day), but space is often very limited.  These are double-occupancy rooms in the dormitories on the RGGU campus.  These dormitories are designated for foreign students and roomates are selected from among other Middlebury graduate students or other foreigners at the university.  Board plans are not available at RGGU.  RGGU's dormitory facilities are exceptional by Russian standards; clean and adequate by American standards:

  • Small kitchens are located on each floor.
  • Daytime meals may be taken in the university cafeterias or neighboring cafes, at average cost of 200-300 rubles per meal (as of Spring 2011.)
  • Every room is equipped with a telephone, with a direct city number.
  • Bathrooms are located on every floor.
  • Linens are provided and are changed approximately once a week.
  • Guards check passes at all entrances to the university campus and the environment is comparatively safe and secure.
  • Guests may be received in the dormitory until 11 pm.  The curfew for all residents is 1 am.  Doors are locked at this time and are only unlocked again at 6:00 am.

    Living in a Russian home often proves to be one of the most rewarding aspects of a student's time in Russia. Homestays do not simply provide a window into Russian reality; they allow students to be full participants in that reality. Through the constant, informal contact that homestay situations provide, students tend to make great strides in their Russian language and gain insight into Russian culture that "visiting" Americans rarely obtain. In the best situations, they leave Russia with a new мама or бабушка, with whom they remain in contact for years to come.

    All homestay placements are made in hospitable, Russian-speaking environments, where students are able to live a truly Russian lifestyle. Hosts are selected exclusively through personal acquaintances of the host university and of the School in Russia. Although many families have hosted students in the past, new hosts are screened and added each year.

    The compositions of host families and the locations of apartments vary. Some hosts may be young or middle-aged couples, while others will be single mothers with children or widows (бабушки) who wish to host a visiting student. In Moscow, there may be a lengthy commute between home and the university. An hour-long commute is common, but it is worth keeping in mind that by Moscow standards this is quite reasonable and that commutes of up to an hour and a half are common for many Muscovites.

    Students are placed in individual homes by School in Russia staff, based on information provided in a post-acceptance Housing Questionnaire. Care is taken to place students according to individual needs (dietary, health, etc.), and when possible, personal preferences are also taken into account.

    Each student is given his or her own room in the host apartment, with linens provided. Board includes breakfast and dinner on weekdays and three meals per day on weekends.  (In Moscow only, students now have a choice between receiving board from the family or cooking for themselves.)  Students will pay their host directly at the beginning of each month.

    *Approximate base costs for the homestay:

      Irkutsk and Yaroslavl Moscow
    Room only $400/mo. $600/mo.
    Room + Board $700/mo. $900/mo.

    *Fluctuating exchange rates make it impossible to guarantee prices in Russia.

    In order to maintain authenticity in the host family environment, the School in Russia does not make any other material demands on the hosts. Certain hosts may have amenities like washing machines or computers, but since these items are not always found in normal Russian households, not all hosts will have them.  Homes with such ammenties will cost students more than those without them.

    Other accommodations
    Graduate students are welcome to make their own arrangements for accommodation, but the School in Russia cannot offer assistance with private housing options.  Students who decline the dormitory in favor of privately arranged accommodations should also note that dorm space is limited and they may not have the optioin of moving into the dorm during the course of the semester. 

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