Graduate Student Life

Excursions and Travel in Russia
Graduate students are encouraged to undertake as many culturally rewarding excursions as they feel appropriate for their work schedule and personal enrichment.  Special program excursions are not planned for the graduate student group, but the cost of independent excursions will be reimbursed for graduate students, up to $300 per semester.

To qualify for reimbursement, travel and excursion expenses must qualify as "cultural" in nature.  Excursion money may be spent only on travel within Russia and the former Soviet Union, and final decisions on the acceptability of any request for reimbursement are made by the Director of the School in Russia.

Extracurricular Activities at RGGU
"Campus life" as we know it in the United States does not exist, for the most part in Russia and the network of clubs and activities at Russian universities seems rather limited to American students.

  • Athletics:  As a relatively young university, RGGU has limited sports facilities of its own.  They do advertise intramural teams in volleyball, basketball, tennis and ping-pong.  Otherwise, students who wish to pursue sports usually do so at private or city-run athletic complexes.
  • Student clubs and organizations:  RGGU has a choir and a drama group, among other small clubs.  Students may learn about these and other organizations by reading announcements on bulletin boards around campus.

    Extracurricular Activities in the City
    Depending on a student's particular interests, a huge variety of extracurricular activities may be pursued in Moscow.  These range from athletic or artistic pursuits to volunteer opportunities or formal internships.  The School in Russia provides each student with a "Hintbook" for the city, which includes suggestions and contact information for some activities.  The program staff will also help students find information for additional pursuits, as need be.

    Safety: Detailed information on personal safety and conduct is presented to students before departure and throughout the program. All American citizen participants are officially registered at the US Embassy in Moscow and the School in Russia has developed detailed Emergency Procedures of its own, based on over 20 years of program management experience in Russia.

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