Vermont Summer Sessions

In four rewarding and challenging summers, you can earn your Master of Arts in Russian. During each intensive six-week summer session on our campus in Middlebury, you will earn three units of credit while working within a broad range of academic disciplines, including language, linguistics, culture, literature, and film.

As a graduate student, you are strongly encouraged to participate in cocurricular activities designed to build language skills and cultural understanding: discuss post-Soviet economics, play the balalaika, or explore traditional cooking, in addition to dozens of other choices.

What makes the Middlebury experience unique is its long-standing observance of the Language Pledge—a commitment you make to use the Russian language exclusively for the duration of the six-week session. In-language events include films, faculty and guest lectures and performances, tea evenings, theater and choir productions, the talent show, the school newspaper and radio program, soccer and volleyball, concerts, parties, and receptions.


Davis School of Russian

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