Can MCAB help my student organization?

Yes! If a student organization would like to host a concert or speaking engagement, MCAB can help.  For concerts please visit go/bringaband and for speakers, go/mcabspeak.

Student organizations should go to the SGA Finance Committee to seek funding for operational costs and other activities.

Don't need funding for your event? Email to see how to get your event programmed.

Can I come perform at Middlebury College?

We love hearing about new performers, bands, and acts. We have a number of venues to perform in, too.

  • First, see our venue descriptions.
  • Second, send an email to Introduce yourself, any connections you have to the Middlebury community, and link to a sample of your work. Same goes for Middlebury students and student bands.

Middlebury College Activities Board (MCAB)
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MCAB is the largest student programming body on campus. We plan everything from small concerts, Atwater dinners and Free Friday Films to big speakers, large scale concerts and Winter Carnival.

Our mission is to the enrich the quality of student life by orchestrating and executing consistent and innovating programming, upholding College traditions and providing support for the whole community, in the spirit of collaboration.

We are made up of a full board of around 30 students broken down into five committees: Concerts, Social, Speakers, and Traditions. Each committee is headed by one or two chairs who sit on our executive board along with the President and Vice President.

MCAB is always open to questions and comments! If at anytime you'd like to speak with us, feel free to email us at

What does MCAB have planned for this weekend?

  • Check out our latest events on and Twitter
  • If you're a student, we'll send an email blast out once a week
Who do you know on MCAB?


Dave Kloepfer


Katherine Kucharczyk '16

Vice President:

Robbie LaCroix '16

Concerts Committee:

Katherine Brown '18

Izzy Kannegieser '17 

Jack Ravery '17

Social Committee:

Sandra Luo '18

Drew Buscher '18

Speakers Committee:

Carolyn Murphy '17.5

Traditions Committee:

Hanna Morrissey '18

Thilan Tudor '16

Why join MCAB?

You should join MCAB because you get to shape Middlebury. You’ll acquire a great set of organizational and leadership skills, but best of all, you'll always be in the know.

Applications for MCAB will be sent out to the entire student body via email during the spring semester.  To be on MCAB requires an application and interview, and we are looking for enthusiastic and energetic members. 

How much money does MCAB have?

The majority of MCAB’s budget is allocated by the SGA Finance Committee, but some support comes directly from the College. Each year the budget changes a bit. 

A concert and a comedian can vary drastically in price. A show in McCullough can be way cheaper than a show in Kenyon. Hence, MCAB’ers must work within a budget and continue to provide for Middlebury students.