Community Service or Religious Project

Need advice? Connect with Community Engagement at go/ce or the Scott Center for Religious and Spiritual Life here.

Need funding? Religious Life Council (RLC) has a flex fund for religious and spiritual projects; contact Ellen McKay at Service Cluster Board (SCB) also has a flex fund for community service projects; learn more at go/scb.

Planning Activities and Events

Event Planning Poster

I am thinking about planning a...


Team up with a social or academic house. Visit go/party or reach out to the many different socia houses on MiddLink.

Small Get-together

A small get-together can be anything from a s'more night to an outdoor hike to a book club discussion. Speak up at your Commons Council to plan a small get-together. Learn more at go/commonscouncil!


Is the concert taking place in 51 Main? Contact Karen LaFlamme, the manager at 51 Main, at to schedule the date and time. Would Crossroads Cafe be a better venue? Contact Dave Kloepfer, Student Activities Program and Events Manager, at to book the space. Need extra funding for the concert or want it to take place at a different on-campus venue? Reach out to MCAB Small Concerts Committee at go/concerts.

Lecture or Symposium

Connect with the MCAB Speakers Committee at go/speakers.

Do you have an idea for a group of speakers, panels and/or film discussions? Apply for the MCAB Fall Symposium here.

Is your lecture or symposium internationally themed? Collaborate with the Rohatyn Center on globally oriented at go/rohatyn.

No clue!

Thiink about teaming up with other student orgs. Check out MiddLink for a list of over 170 student organizations at go/middlink.

Still need advice? Get in touch with Student Activities staff at go/studentactivities or email