Celebration Videos

A Day to Remember

This video slideshow provides a snapshot of the joy, accomplishment, exhilaration, and drama of Saturday's celebration.

Friday Event

No Regrets

When you look back on your life, how do you ensure you have no regrets? Scott Barnicle, dean of Atwater Commons, shared insights on how to find your path.

Feb Celebration Friday Event

You can see the entire Friday evening program here, including remarks by Elise Hanks ’11.5, Ron Liebowitz, Scott Barnicle, and Hannah Orcutt ’11.5. Watch the video

Saturday Celebration

‘Our Education is Just Beginning’

Student speaker Ross Brockway ’11.5 urges his classmates to keep thinking, talking, learning and to stay committed to realizing their ideals.

Preparation for Life

President Ron Liebowitz celebrates the achievements of the Class of 2011.5 and offers advice on how to navigate life beyond Middlebury. Watch the video.

Feb Celebration Saturday Ceremony

You can see Saturday's ceremony in Mead Chapel in its entirety here, including remarks Ross Brockaway's address to the class, the presentation of the Jason B. Fleischman Award, Ron Liebowitz's address, and the presentation of the canes.