What is the attire for the weekend?

The Friday night reception calls for "business casual." Ties and /or jackets are not necessary. On Saturday morning you will be going from Mead Chapel to the Snow Bowl. You'll want to wear layers and comfortable shoes or—even better—boots. At the Snow Bowl you will, most likely, be walking on packed snow, so high heels are not recommended! Be warm and be comfortable!

How many guests can we bring?

There aren’t any tickets for February Celebration nor is there any limit to the number of people you can bring. We look forward to seeing you and your family on campus!

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Where can I stay for February Celebration?

Campus housing is not available during February Celebration weekend. We suggest you look into hotels and inns in the area. You can also visit go.middlebury.edu/stay for information on places to stay and eat.

What about meals?

Meals for the weekend are on your own with the exception of light hors d'oeuvres at the Friday reception and lunch on Saturday, which is provided in Proctor dining hall following the ski down.

We suggest that you make advance reservations when dining out.

We expect the ski down ceremony to be over around 12:30, but please leave time afterwards for the official Feb Celebration class photo to be taken.

We are bringing elderly guests. Is there anything special we should know?

All events on Friday evening and Saturday are in handicapped-accessible buildings. The road to Mead Chapel is blocked off but a security officer will open the chain so that guests with limited mobility may be dropped off. There is also handicapped parking at the Snow Bowl.

Although we do our best to have sidewalks and roads cleared of snow, you will, most likely, find the Snow Bowl more difficult in terms of walking. There is seating inside the lodge at the Snow Bowl but the ski down cannot be seen from inside.