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Ron on Middlebury
One Dean's View

Congratulations, parents of the Class of 2012.5! We've gathered together videos from the events and albums of photos as souvenirs of the graduates' trip down the mountain and into their next adventure. Feel free to check it all out and click the image below to start a slideshow of weekend highlights.

View and Download Photos

Our photographers captured the many moods of the weekend, from solemn processions to spontaneous smiles. You can order your official personal photo from the Saturday ceremony and other photographs of the ceremony from Grad Images. (Just type in your last name and "Middlebury" in the appropriate fields.)

Photographer Todd Balfour was taking candid snapshots on Friday and Saturday, on campus and on the slopes, including the photos in the slideshow above and family group pictures taken at the reception. Click here to browse the galleries. You can download these images free of charge; just hover over the right side of the image you want to download, choose the desired size from the list that appears, then right-click the image and save it.


Joy Ride

Experience the rush of the weekend's finale through the eyes of the "Feb Cam!" Middlebury Magazine recruited intrepid Feb and awesome skier Hanna Howell ’12.5 to take a camera down the Snow Bowl trail on skis to provide an exhilarating point-of-view shot of this Middlebury tradition. Click here to take the ride.

A Weekend to Remember

Robert Keren shared the moving moments and events of the two-day celebration in his article for Middlebury's News Room. He also summarized some of the key lessons learned from a weekend of thoughtful counsel and stimulating talks—in case you didn't have time to take notes! Read the story.

And That Has Made All the Difference

In his uproariously funny Friday reception address, Jay Parini, D. E. Axinn professor of English and Creative Writing, reflected on some of the more (and less) memorable speeches he’d ever heard and invited graduates to brighten the world with their energy and passion. Reciting Frost’s “The Road Not Taken,” he steered the poem in an unexpected direction—to yield a surprising bit of wisdom. Watch the video.

Slice of Life

President Ronald D. Liebowitz offered a glimpse into the diverse, impressive achievements of the Class of 2012.5, from arts to sciences, from sports to civic engagement. Sharing a few inspiring words of advice for the graduates, Liebowitz also encouraged them to remain open to the opinions of others, take risks, and hold their friends close. Click here to watch a video of his address or read the text of his remarks.

Separate from the Crowd

Student speaker and aspiring comedian Benjamin Orbison ’12.5 looked back on the trials and rewards of the Feb experience, the “uncommon path” that frees "point-five" classes to embrace their difference and run with it. In keeping with the outspoken leadership of Febs on campus, Orbison urged his peers never to lose their slightly askew perspective and to stay trailblazers. Watch the video or click here to read his speech.

The Right Attitude

The Jason B. Fleishman ’03.5 Award recognizes a mid-year graduate who embodies "Feb College pride, academic passion and determination, excellence in leadership and involvement, a positive attitude, and care for others." This year, Dean of the College Shirley Collado presented the honor to exemplary citizen Erik Fendik ’12.5. Click here to replay the moment.


See It Again

Whether you weren't able to make the Saturday ceremony or simply want to relive it, we've captured the entire event for you on video. Watch the full event.