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McCullough Student Center Social Space

Built in 1911 and renovated in 2009, the Social Space supports McCullough's mission of providing a venue for students and student organizations to perform and to bring world-class performances. This space features flexible configurations including cabaret, traditional stage and concert.

Depending on how the space is used, it can accommodate from 100 to 500+ people. It is equipped with a Kawai baby grand piano and comes with a state-of-the-art sound and lighting package.

The Social Space may be reserved by student organizations and College departments. The venue has been use for a wide variety of events, including theatre presentations, cabaret revues, music performances of all kinds, dance performances, lectures, dance parties, forums, and meetings.

Performance Spaces

Click Here for Specifications for the Social Space


28' by 35' by 3.5'

Maximum capacity for the room is 600 people standing or 400 seated theater style.  Different configurations will result in changes to the capacity limit.


Front of House:

  • JBL VRX series line array (four boxes per side)
  • Four EAW SB1000 Double 18” subwoofers
  • Soundcraft GB8 32 Channel console
  • Pro Co Momentum digital snake system (32 channels)
  • BSS London Architect DSP
  • DBX 231 Graphic EQ x 1
  • TC Electronic M One x 1
  • Yamaha Rev 100 x 1
  • DBX 166XL Compressor x 2
  • Behringer Quad compressor x 1
  • Behringer Quad gate x1

Monitors: (Monitors are mixed from FOH console)

  • Four Yorkville NX-20 passive monitors
  • DBX 231 Graphic EQ x 2


  • Shure KSM 109 x 2
  • Shure Beta 52A x 1
  • Shure SM 58 x 4
  • Shure Beta 58 x 4
  • Shure SM 57 x 12
  • Shure PG 81 x 2
  • Sennheiser E902 x 2
  • Sennheiser E604 x 3
  • Pro Co CB1 Direct Box x 10


  • ETC Express 96 console
  • 50 degree Source Four x 20
  • 36 degree Source Four x 20
  • 19 degree Source Four x 20
  • Source Four Parnell x 20
  • PAR 64 x 24
  • Cyclorama Curtain


  • Panasonic WXGA projector
  • 10.5’ x 14’ Video Screen
  • VGA, S-Video, and Composite interface
  • Blu-Ray and DVD playback


McCullough Student Center The Grille

In 2000 the McCullough Student Center was transformed with the conversion of the old swimming pool space into the Grille. This colorful multi-level, multi-function space incorporates a juice bar, a short order counter, game and TV rooms, and galleries of tables and booths focusing on a stage and dance floor on the lower level and a free-standing timber-framed billiards pavilion reached by bridges on the upper level.

Click Here for Specifications for the Grille


9.5’ by 26’ by 1'

75-100 people

(1) Yorkville Elite Excursion 2000 System

(2) Yorkville Y112 speakers powered by a QSC PLX1802 amplifier

(1)Yamaha MG166CXUSB 16 channel console with built in effects

(4) ETC Source 4 Leko Lights (Stage Wash Only)

(4) Shure SM57 Instrument Microphones
(4) Shure SM58 / Beta58 Vocal Microphones
(4) DI Boxes
(1) Clarinova Electric Piano
All necessary stands and cables are also included.


The Gamut Room

The Gamut Room is a student-run coffee house that serves up light refreshments, coffee, and tea as well as art and music.  Open from 9 p.m. until 1 a.m., seven days a week, this space is used for small social gatherings and is commonly used for musical performances and other club-related activities.

Click Here for Specifications for the Gamut Room


(1) Yorkville 12 Channel Mixer
(2) K & M Tribpod Mic Stands
(2) Ramsa Speakers

provided by ambient house lighting.