MCAB Traditions

Middlebury has been building traditions since the school was founded in 1800. We want to make sure those traditions stay alive and well!

Here are the major events we organize:

First Weekend/Fall Frenzy:

During Fall Frenzy, we kick off the school year right! The first weekend usually means bands, the outdoors, and an all-school picnic.

Fall Family Weekend:

Fall Family Weekend - It's not just entertaining your parents. Fall Family Weekend is a great opportunity to show off your school. We have events that are fun for everyone.


During homecoming, alumni return to campus, and we make sure everyone has a memorable time.  Look for our giveaways at sports events as well as the big semi-formal of the semester.

Winter Carnival:

Middlebury's Winter Carnival is the oldest student-run winter carnival in the country. We work together with the winter carnival sports board to schedule ski races. We have commons-sponsored events like the Winter Olympics. There is usually a big concert or comedian, and the tradition wouldn't be complete without our annual Winter Ball.  Snow Sculpure contests, Fireworks, and a kick off bonfire also allow students to celebrate their long weekend.

Last Weekend/Midd Mayhem:

Midd Mayhem is a great time to conclude the year, hang out with friends, and sing along to Like a Prayer one more time. We on MCAB Traditions make sure this pre-finals weekend is memorable- the big spring concert, inflatables, and an outdoor picnic help us all remember this great event.

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