Mailroom and Postal Services

Student organizations may arrange for mass mailbox stuffing through the McCullough Mail Room. Mailings must be folded in thirds, and delivered the day before they need to be stuffed. Mailings, other than generic, must be in numerical order.

Student organizations may also receive faxes in the mail room. Incoming faxes will be routed to the student contact through their mailbox.

To send mail off campus, student organizations may have the costs of the mailings billed to their student account.

The student organization’s Banner INDEX should be placed in the upper right corner of the envelope. Large mailings may be coordinated through Student Activities  and the mailing center.

Student organizations are not permitted to mail parents or alumni seeking funding. Student Activities does arrange regular mailings to parents on behalf of student organizations. (see Student Fundraising)

Contact: David LaRose—x5179