Reserving Spaces and Scheduling Events

The Event Management Office handles all student requests for use of space.   When requesting the use of a space on campus, students are required to fill out the online reservation form.

The use of this form will ensure the Event Management Office has all the necessary information needed to reserve an appropriate location for your event

These rooms may be reserved by recognized student organizations by submitting an online room reservation form using the link above. Rooms are assigned on a first come first served basis. Charges for cleaning and/or damages to the room will be attributed to the student organization account.

McCullough Student Center

The McCullough Student Center (MSC) has three meeting rooms and the Social Hall that are available for use by recognized student organizations and by permanent occupants of the MSC. Reservations may be made through the Event Management Office. Rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Residential Spaces

The use of residential spaces is strongly discouraged as these spaces are considered the “living room” for the residents of the building.  If you wish to use these spaces the Event Management Office will negotiate with the appropriate coordinator for permission to use the space.  Lounges cannot be used for regular meetings, but exceptions may be made for special events. Student groups wishing to reserve the Gamut Room or a Dining hall should complete the online room reservation form.

Private Parties and Individual Students

Private parties and individual student requests must be made through the Commons office. Student organization parties involving alcohol must reserve the space through the Commons office.

Contact: Tammy Grant—x3147