Audio Equipment and Services

Contact: Commons Coordinators

Each Commons maintains sound equipment that may be borrowed by Middlebury College students for approved on-campus events.

The equipment is intended for use:

  • As a public address system for an event where speeches or announcements must be made
  • As a way to amplify music for parties or dances.
  • As a way to amplify vocals or other instruments for a musical performance.

Call or stop by your Commons office to inquire. Three systems are available in 2 configurations:

DJ Systems - Mixing board, cross-fader, 2 CD players, microphone, speakers, cables
- Atwater, Brainerd, Cook

Band Systems - Mixing board, speakers, monitors, stands, microphones, DI boxes, cables
- Cook, Ross, Wonnacott


Contact: David Klopfer—x3107

The McCullough Student Center provides free but limited sound and lighting support to students and organizations using the facility. Student Activities (SA) maintains a listing of approved student technical assistants for sound reinforcement and event lighting. Only students who have been approved by SA are able to use the McCullough equipment. Student hosts must inform SA of the name of the student technical assistant. SA pays student wages (up to 6 hours per day for two days). Scheduling technical services is the responsibility of the student group.  When planning your events please made sure to consider the availability of technical services as a part of your program planning process. SA will work with you and your group in assessing your event’s needs.

Other Spaces:
Various campus spaces have built in sound systems including the Gamut Room, 51 Main, and The Bunker.