Booths and Exhibits

 A booth refers to a table or any other temporary structure installed for distributing petitions, handbills, or literature; soliciting tangible items, or for other forms of expression

Organizations that would like to have a booth/exhibit on campus must first get approval from the office of the Dean of Students (Student Activities). Organizations assume full responsibility for their booths or temporary structures, including all injuries or hazards that may arise from their presence on the campus. The College is not liable for damage that may occur to booths or temporary structures. Prior approval is required for booths /exhibits to stay overnight.

Booths are allowed for recognized student organizations only. Outside vendors must operate through Middlebury student organizations or offices (see Vending Policy)

Booth/exhibit requests will be approved if it:

  • identifies the sponsor, and the proposed location is available and appropriate for the intended use;
  • does not unreasonably obstruct pedestrian or vehicular traffic;
  • will not disrupt or disturb regular academic and institutional programs or other approved activities;
  • will not have amplified sound without prior permission;
  • will not result in damage or defacement of property;
  • will not be used for solicitation or for the distribution of material that is obscene, vulgar, or libelous;
  • meets fire, health, and safety standards.
  • will be staffed at all times by a Middlebury College student, faculty, or staff member.

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