Facilities Services

Only recognized student organizations have access to these services!

Facilities Services can assist with the physical set up (tables, chairs, risers, electrical assistance, etc.).   You can request these services on your room reservation form that you submit to the Event Management Office to reserve your room. These services may only be arranged by Event Management (EM).   If you do not know your needs at the time of your room request you can send an email to sched@middlebury.edu.  When planning an event it is advisable to have one person be the contact person for your group - this eliminates much confusion and often avoids unnecessary charges. Please be sure to contact EM in a timely manner.  Because requests for set-up or special services must be submitted at least two weeks before the event. EM will contact Facilities Services for assistance with the physical set-up (tables, chairs, risers, electrical assistance, etc.).

There are certain requests that will always incur a charge. For further information regarding all service requests, please contact EM.

Electrical Requirements

• Moves and setups must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance.

• If a tradesman or custodian is required to be at the event, it will be at the expense of the requester.

• Requested moves must be to and from locations on campus.

Electrical will always incur a charge

This is the electrical information that we need in order to accommodate your requests:

1. What are your exact power needs? (How many and what size circuits do you need)

2. Keep in mind that we are limited to where we have electricity available. (Best to check on location)

3. Exact location where power is needed? (A map is very helpful)

4. Is a PA system being used? (If so, where would you like it placed...it needs power too)

5. If you have booked a band, check their power requirements.

6. Is a podium needed? (If so, where would you like it placed)

7. Is lighting required?

8. Do you require an electrician on duty?

9. Provide names and phone numbers of contact people for any questions that we may have.  If you are using an outside contractor such as Atomic, please provide contact name and number.

10. Provide date and times of the event. (start and finish)

Tents — DIGSAFE Procedures

Any organization planning to erect a tent on Middlebury College property must contact EM at x2885 at least ten (10) business days prior to the tent being erected.

The following information is required when submitting your request:

• Exact date the tent will be erected and removed.

• Site where the tent will be erected and a diagram of the set-up.

• Size and type of tent.

• Name and phone number of the approved company that will supply the tent

• Name and telephone number of the person and organization responsible for the event.

Assistance from Other Shops

Questions regarding other special function services (carpentry, painting, etc.) should be addressed by calling EM x2885. These services will be performed in-house as often as possible. There may, however, be times and or jobs that will require hiring an outside contractor as specified above.

Custodial Service

Custodial service for special events can be addressed when reserving your room through EM. There is a fee for special custodial services.

Clean-Up Policy

An important part of any event planning involves planning for clean-up. Always inspect the event area 30 minutes before the event begins, and carefully note any pre-existing damage. Clean-up guidelines are listed below.

Parties and Events in McCullough Student Center: All decorations must be removed the night of the event.

Events in Other Facilities (athletic facilities, academic spaces, etc.): You will discuss cleaning arrangements with EM prior to your event. You are required to leave all College facilities in a clean condition after your event.

  • pick up all trash both inside and outside buildings and bring it to the designated rubbish removal area.
  • All event locations must be cleaned by noon the following day. There are times you will be required to clean your event location immediately after the event.

In the event that the area is not cleaned sufficiently, as determined by the Custodial Supervisor in accordance with the above directions, the following procedure will apply:

The Custodial Services Department will clean up the event. The host (not the organization) will be charged $50 per hour (cost is for labor and for one custodian and one supervisor). The host will also be charged for whatever cleaning materials were used.

Contact: Tammy Grant—x3147