Rights and Responsibilities


When a student organization has been approved by the Constitution Committee of the SGA and registered with Student Activities and continues to update its new officers and adviser annually, the organization is subject to the following rights and responsibilities:



1. To use the name of the College in the title of the organization.

2. To be listed in the official database of student organizations.

3. To be included in College publications.

4. To apply for funding through the Student Government Association Finance Committee.

5. To use campus facilities for meetings and activities.

6. To participate in the bi-annual Activities Fair.

10. To obtain a blog on the College’s website.

11. To obtain a student organization e-mail account.

13. To use the copier and computers in Student Activities.

14. To charge purchases from approved local vendors to their organization account.


1. To update the organization's registration in MiddLink every April. This includes adding names of newly elected officers; adding advisers, coaches, and members to the roster.

2. To comply with all College rules and regulations as found in the Handbook and those developed by Student Activities and the SGA.

3. To respect and honor the College’s nondiscrimination policy.

4. To adhere to the purpose of the organization as stated in the constitution.

5. To provide programs to the College that contribute to the educational, spiritual, recreational, cultural, and social environment of the College community.

6. To maintain close communication with the adviser, keeping him or her informed of the organization's progress towards its goals and objectives as well as reporting any dangerous or prohibited activities engaged in by anyone associated with the organization.

7. To have periodic meetings with Student Activities to keep the office informed of planned activities and any potential problems or violations.

8. To attend Student Activities sponsored workshops and seminars where fiscal, safety, College, or programming procedures are explained and discussed.

9. To prohibit members from practicing any forms of hazing, illegal activity, and violations of College policy.

10. To prohibit members from using their position or affiliation for financial or individual gain.

Student Activities reserves the ability to suspend or revoke any organization's registration, affiliated members, advisers and/or coaches at any time, in its sole discretion, during the year for any abuse or violation of the outlined rights and responsibilities, or any reasonable cause deemed to be in the best interest of the organization. Student Activities with the assistance of the SGA Constitution Committee may approve renewal of an organization's status at the beginning of the academic year if the organization met agreed upon criteria.