Only recognized student organizations and approved Concessions have access to this service.

Tabling is permitted by recognized student organizations outside Proctor, or Ross Dining Halls with prior permission from the Event Management Office. Students are responsible for supplying their own table in these locations, dining is not able to provide tables.  There are also 3 approved tabling locations within the McCullough Student Center, and 1 in the vestibule of the library. Reservations for these spaces are made on a first-come, first served basis. In order to utilize this service and space, the tabler must request a space with Event Management, via the online reservation form at least two (2) business days in advance of the tabling date.

Distribution of Petitions, Handbills and Literature

 A student or a registered student organization may distribute literature on campus if the student or group complies with these guidelines:

The literature identifies the name of the student or organization;

The literature is not a promotion for an off-campus business, organization, agency, national association, or charitable group;

The literature is not distributed by hawking, shouting or accosting individuals;

The distribution of literature at an event sponsored by another organization or College agency must be approved by the sponsoring agency;

The literature may be distributed on College grounds (outside of buildings) and distribution may not unreasonably obstruct pedestrian or vehicular traffic;

The literature may only be distributed by members of the sponsoring College agency or the student organization.

Contact: Tammy Grant—x3147