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Black Lives matter in VT



Beyond Vermont

Govt. Resources/Offices on Diversity and Equal Opportunity

Diversity Issues in Higher Ed

Color Lines


Resources on identity, diversity, and inclusivity

 Books and articles

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A Social Justice Advocate’s Handbook: A Guide to Gender

Center for Anti-Oppressive Education  

Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST)

CAST UDL Exchange 

Center for Teaching and Learning, University of Washington: Course and Syllabus Design


Diversity and Engagement at the University of California

Diversity and Inclusivity at the University of South Carolina

Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives at Michigan State University

Increasing inclusivity in the classroom at Vanderbilt University

Inclusive teaching, learning, and assessment at Plymouth University

It’s pronounced metrosexual

LGBTQ student resources

Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy

Michelle Obama at Howard University

Microaggressions: The Impact of “the little things”

Most Progressive LGBTQ graduate degrees

National Center on Universal Design for Learning  

The Danger of a Single Story 

UDL Strategies

UDL Tech Toolkit