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Here you will find frequently asked questions regarding using preferred names at Middlebury College.

Do I have to enter a preferred first name?

No, entering a preferred first name is optional. Enter a name in the Preferred First Name field only if you commonly use a first name that is different from your legal first name.

What is a preferred first name?

A preferred first name is a name that someone wishes to go by other than their legal name. Sometimes, this is a person’s nickname.

Who does the preferred name procedure benefit?
  • The preferred name procedure will benefit all students, staff, and faculty by promoting a more inclusive environment on campus.
  • It enables any student, staff, or faculty to be addressed by the name that they prefer.
  • The procedure will help with the safety and wellbeing of trans* and gender non-conforming students, faculty, and staff, as they can be identified by the first name and pronoun they prefer.
What is the new preferred name procedure at Middlebury College?
  • The Preferred Name Procedure enables students, faculty and staff to use a preferred first name for certain purposes while studying or working at Middlebury.
  • It allows the preferred first name to be used on one’s MiddCard, the Online Directory, and email.
  • It is important to note that making a request to use a preferred first name at Middlebury does not change a person’s legal name on official records or records with government authorities.
When is the best time to change my preferred first name?

You can enter your preferred first name in BannerWeb at any time. It does take up to 24 hours for the changes to take affect in most of our systems.

Students should keep in mind that the earlier you enter your preferred first name at the start of a new academic term, the more likely you will experience the consistent use of your preferred first name by professors, advisors, coaches, deans, etc.  For example, some professors may print off a class list after the Add/Drop period has passed, and use it for the remainder of the semester.  Changes made to your preferred first name after Add/Drop period would not be picked up by the professor in this case.

Can I use any preferred first name that I wish?

Students, faculty, and staff are free to determine the preferred first name that they want to be known by in Middlebury's information systems, as long as they act in good faith.  

Inappropriate use of the preferred first name procedure including attempts to avoid a legal obligation via misrepresentation, or the use of inappropriate language, will result in the denial and/or reversal of the request.