Fall Term Housing Calendar 2017

Currently displaying 2017 Fall Term information
Details for 2018 will be available late Fall Term


January12-February 10
Residential Life Applications Accepted
January 31-February 18Superblock/New Social House Applications Accepted
January 31-February 19Interest & Wellness House Applications Accepted
January 31-February 16Off Campus New Applications Accepted
February 1
4:00 -5:30 pm
Housing Fair
The Winter Garden - Axinn
February 3Winter Term Classes End
February 10Residential Life Applications Deadline
February 12Off-Campus Housing Renewal Commitments Due
February 16Off-Campus Housing Application Deadline
February 18Superblock/New Social House Applications Closed & Rosters Due
February 19Interest House Application Deadline
February 20-March 6Superblock/New Social House Presentations
February 22Off-Campus Live Lottery
February 23Residential Life Interviews Completed
February 24Residential Life Offers Extended
February 27Residential Life Student Commitments Due to the Commons
March 1Off-Campus Committments Due
March 1Wellness & Interest House Offers Extended
March 3Wellness & Interest House Offer Response Deadline
March 7Superblock/New Social House Offers Extended
March 9: 10:00 am -
March 12: 5:00 pm
Small Senior House Applications Accepted
March 10Superblock/New Social House Commitments Due
March 16 9:00 amSmall Senior House Live Lottery

March 16: Noon -
March 18: Midnight

8-person Junior/Senior Applications Accepted
March 19: 4:30-5:30 pmINFO SESSION ONE (On-Line Draws) - CANCELLED
March 20: 4:30 pm8-person Junior/Senior Live Lottery
March 21: 10:00 am -
March 23: Noon
5 & 6-person Large Block Junior/Senior Applications Accepted
March 23: 4:30 pm5 & 6-person Large Block Junior/Senior Live Lottery
March 24-April 2Spring Break
April 4Social House Membership Lists and Full Rosters & Fall Term Bed Assignments Due
April 9: 4:30-5:30 pmINFO SESSSION TWO (On-Line Draws)
April 17-April 28On-line Sophomore Draws for Details view Sophomore Draw page
April 18-May 5On-line Junior/Senior Draws for 3 & 4pp and Singles & Doubles - for details view Junior/Senior Draw page

NOTE THE UPDATES TO THE SMALL BLOCK AND DOUBLES/SINGLES PROCESSES.  Sophomores, view the go/sophomorehousing webpage for changes.

Junior/Senior On-Line Draws:

Only students with 2018 and 2019 class years may participate in these draws. Please check your information on Banner Web and contact the Office of the Registrar if you feel your graduation year is incorrect.

Senior Only Mini Block Applications Accepted
Submitted by email.  The link will not be active until this time.

Thursday, March 9: 1:00 pm -
Sunday, March 12: Midnight

Senior Only Mini Blocks
Awarded Live Draw
Thursday, March 16: 9:00 am

8-person Applications Accepted
(Ridgeline Town Houses & Voter 2 West)
Submitted by email.  The link will not be active until this time.

Thursday, March 16: Noon -
Saturday, March 18: Midnight

Spaces Awarded Live Draw
Monday, March 20: 4:30 pm
Large Block (5 & 6-person) Applications Accepted
Submitted by email.  The link will not be active until this time.

Tuesday, March 21: 1:00 pm -
Thursday, March 23: Noon

Large Block (5 & 6-person)
Spaces Awarded Live Draw
Thursday, March 24: 4:30 pm
Small Block (3 & 4-person) Applications
Submitted via StarRez Portal

Tuesday, April 18: 10:00 am -
Friday, April 21: 4:00 pm

Small Blocks Awarded During Timed
Process via StarRez Portal

Tuesday, April 25: 10:00 am -
Friday, April 28: 4:00 pm

Doubles & Singles Applications
Submitted via StarRez Portal

Monday, May 1: NOON -
Wednesday, May 3: NOON

Doubles & Singles Awarded During Timed
Process via StarRez Portal

Thursday, May 4: NOON
Friday, May 5: 4:00 pm