TouchPad Information

Below is a list of Middlebury College residence halls which are programmed with TouchPad code door locks:

  • Allen Hall
  • Battell Hall
  • Brackett
  • Brooker
  • Chateau
  • Coffrin Hall
  • Forest Hall
  • 51 Franklin Street
  • Gifford Hall
  • Hadley Hall
  • Hepburn Hall
  • 70 Hillcrest Road
  • Homestead House
  • Jewett House
  • Meeker House
  • The Mill
  • Milliken Hall

  • Munford House
  • Painter
  • Palmer
  • Pearsons Hall
  • Perkins House
  • Prescott
  • Porter House
  • Ridgeline View Suites
  • Ross Tower Suites
  • Starr
  • Sperry House
  • Stewart
  • Townhouses (North, Center, South)
  • 48 South Street
  • Voter
  • Weybridge House
Individuals living in these buildings do not need to pick-up door keys to access their rooms but will be able to view their code on their BANNER housing page as of 9:00 a.m. on the day they are approved to move-in.  (Do not call Public Safety or any other office on campus to ask to obtain a code earlier.)
  • Note:  Each person in a room has their own unique code.  When one roommate moves out only that person's combination will be terminated.
  • To access your code go to Bannerweb > Personal Information > Housing Information.
  • If a code is not visible as of 9:00 a.m., first check the start date of your housing record.  If your arrival date is accurate but you still do not see your code please first check to make sure you are viewing the correct SSB page.  If you then need assistance contact your Summer School Coordinator or during the academic year Residential Systems Coordinator, Karin Hall-Kolts.
If you experience difficulties with your touch pad code or lock when you arrive at your room please contact your commons office or Public Safety.  They will communicate with the locksmiths.
To ensure your safety and the security of your belongings do not share your door code. Should a resident have concerns that their room is not secure (e.g. someone was able to open the door, something is missing, etc.) they must:
  • First, file a report with Public Safety. 
  • Also inform the Commons or Program Coordinator with which the building is affiliated.
  • And, contact the Residential Systems Coordinator (Karin Hall-Kolts) to request a code change. 
After business hours all urgent requests should be sent directly to the Public Safety office.
In non-urgent situations, i.e., a resident shares their code and then has concerns about the security of their room, please:
  • Inform the Commons or Program Coordinator with which the building is affiliated
  • And most importantly contact the Residential Systems Coordinator (Karin Hall-Kolts) to request a code change There will be a $25 service charge in those situations.