December Recess 2017-18

Middlebury College residential buildings will be officially closed as of 12:00 p.m. Monday, December 18, 2017 and will reopen at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, January 6, 2018.  The College will close for business as of noon on Friday, December 22, 2017 and re-open for business at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, January 2, 2018.  

All students must leave campus by the December deadline date.  Students are required to depart from campus 24-hours after their last exam.  If your final exam falls on Sunday, December 17, 2017 you must depart campus no later than 12:00 noon on December 18, 2017.  Failure to leave will result in a $400 fine & disciplinary action.

Returning Early:

Following the posting of Winter Term housing all students should check their Self Service BANNER housing records prior to returning to campus to verify the date they are approved to return.

Requests to return to campus before the official return date will only be granted in cases of personal emergencies.  Requests must be made to a student's Commons Dean. Students requesting permission to arrive early for issues related to travel or convenience will be denied.

Staying on Campus

A small number of students may be approved by the College to remain on campus over the December Recess.  Only students with official approval are permitted on campus.  The deadline to apply to stay on campus has yet to be determined.

Housing is available for students who can demonstrate a need to remain on campus over the break period for significant personal reasons.  Students who would like to be considered to stay must request permission in a timely manner for any part of the recess by completing the online application before the appropriate deadline.  Failure to meet the deadline may result in a request being denied. 

Applicants will be asked to supply the details of their circumstances, including the specific dates requested to be on campus. Applications will be reviewed by Residential Life and the appropriate Commons Dean. A student's dean may want to schedule a meeting.  Planning your travel dates incorrectly will not be considered a valid reason to stay. Please remember that there are no services provided during the December Recess and students who are approved to stay on campus must provide their own meals. 

The application form is not available at this time.

During the Recess Period:

  • Students are expected to plan in advance and make necessary arrangements.  Last minute requests may not be approved.
  • All residences and dining halls will be closed and locked. You will have access to your residence hall only.  During this time the College will be closing some outlying houses, buildings and campus roads.  As a result, you may be required to move to an alternate room for a portion of the recess. 
  • There will be no services on campus, the library and classroom buildings will be closed most of that time, and faculty and staff will be away from campus.
  • Snow removal, maintenance, and safety services will be at a minimum.
  • Students who are approved to stay must provide for their own meals.
  • Should you decide to depart from campus for more than a day please inform your friends on campus and the Department of Public Safety of your plans.
  • No guests are permitted on campus. This includes roommates and suitemates who have not previously been approved to be on campus.
  • No parties are permitted on campus.

Students are responsible for following all College regulations.  Violations of regulations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  Students who do not uphold expectations related to conduct will be asked to leave, and may lose the privilege of having December Recess housing in the future.


Your approved stay over the December Recess will NOT be reflected in BannerWeb.  The dates that you are approved to be here are arranged through your application or as a result of your athletics participation.

Athletic Team Members:

Some athletics team members will have been pre-approved to be on campus for a portion of the December Recess in order to practice and participate in competitions.  These students do not need to submit individual requests for the dates their team has approval; athletes should check with their coach for details. During this period, team coaches are responsible for the student life aspects involving their team members such as travel issues, assisting with medical issues, arranging for transportation and parental notifications.  Please stay in direct communication with your coach if you need assistance in any way.  Regulations and expectations associated with the recess period apply to all students on campus.


General Information:


Department of Public Safety – 443-5911
Your safety is a primary concern.

During the December Recess, the Department of Public Safety, office of the Dean of Students and Facilities Services will have staff available to assist students. In order to reach anyone for help, simply call the Department of Public Safety at 802-443-5911, and an officer will dispatch the appropriate individual(s) to assist you. Parton Health and Counseling Center will not be open. However, if you require emergency medical assistance, please call the Department of Public Safety and they will assist you with appropriate referrals or transportation to Porter Hospital.

  • Always, always, ALWAYS lock your door.
  • Do not let someone into your residence hall.
  • Keep an eye out for people who you do not think belong on campus and report them to the DPS.

During the December Recess LIS performs maintenance on College internet services.  As a result, some residential areas may be without internet service for a day or two during the recess.

There are kitchen facilities located in most residence halls.  In addition, all students staying over through the recess have been given access to use additional kitchen and laundry facilities in a common residence hall.   Please remember that is a shared space and you must work together to keep the space clean by picking up after yourself as soon as you are finished.  Common kitchens are for the benefit of all community members. Leaving a mess in this area prevents others from taking advantage of that space.

If you are cooking or baking, you must stay within sight of the cooking appliance. Students cooking in common area kitchens should never leave the kitchen area while food is being cooked or the oven/burners are in operation.

MiddRides will not be running during the December Recess.


Addison Country Transit Resources provides free rides to students all over Middlebury with stops at ADK circle, Library, Old Chapel, and the CFA.  Stops in town include the town green, Shaws and the Coop, Marbleworks, and the Hannaford / TJ Maxx shopping center. 

Campus Schedules 
The break schedules for each department can be located by using the links below.

Dining Halls / Grille/ Wilson / MiddXpress
Unlike other College breaks,  Dining Services is not open the December recess. In addition, campus retail locations such as Crossroads Cafe, Wilson Cafe and the Grille are follow an abbreviated schedule.  See the go/dining webpage for details on when dining service will end and resume. 

Parton Center for Health and Wellness
Closed from Monday, December 19, 2016 and will reopen with limited hours on Tuesday, January 3, 2017. 

Davis Family Library
The College's libraries will operate on reduced hours during the recess and will, at times, be closed.  

Fitness Center / Field House / Natatorium
The fitness center will be open from 9am - 5pm from December 16-19 and be closed from December 20 until January 3.

Student Mail Center
The Student Mail Center will be open regular hours until December 22.  The window will be closed December 25-26 and January 2 and will be open from 9 am-12 pm on December 27 - 30. Regular hours will resume on January 3.  

 Middlebury Town Links

Ilsley Library
A great source for books, magazines, newspapers, internet access, and DVDs.

Charter House 
Winter Shelter:  Volunteers needed over winter break

The Charter House Winter Shelter serves as transitional housing to the homeless during winter months. Usually staffed by town and college volunteers alike, it faces a severe shortfall when Middlebury College students go on break. If you are in Middlebury for Winter Break, please consider spending time away from campus at the Charter House right in town! Sharing your time will help keep the shelter open, let you meet new people, and give a "Volunteer's Gift" of an atmosphere of community support, acceptance, and hope. At the same time, funds are available for you to cook and bake at the house! Contact Samantha Kachmar ( ) or the Charter House Coalition student organization ( for more information or to sign-up to get trained.

Addison Independent Community Calendar
This service of the local paper provides a listing of activities and events happening in Middlebury and around the county.

Marquis Movie Theater
Downtown Middlebury boasts its own first-run movie theater with three films changing regularly.

Town Hall Theater
The Town Hall Theaters hosts theatrical performances and concerts.

A Very Merry Middlebury
Late night shopping, concerts, parties, free skating and more

51 Main at the Bridge
The College’s very own downtown café / nightclub.