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For Community Partners

We can work together.

Community Engagement programs connect College students, staff, and faculty with teaching, learning, research, and service opportunities in the wider Addison County community. Our relationships with Community Partners vitally inform and support students' educations through direct contextualization and collaboration, and Middlebury undergraduates have contributed important support to many of Addison County's private, public, and not-for-profit organizations.

Students contributed roughly 3000 hours of work to our food and housing programs [during winter 2014], which is equivalent to 1.5 full time people. Students bring energy, vitality, and new ideas to our housing and food programs. These same traits contribute to the spirit of community, neighbor helping neighbor, that enriches all our programs. – Doug Sinclair, President & Housing Programs Director, Charter House Coalition

Doug Sinclair
Doug Sinclair, July 2014.
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