Have an idea for a project or business? Is there a problem you want to solve or an artistic piece you wish to create?

Spend this summer taking your idea to the next level and get the funding to do it. MiddCHALLENGE is here to help you turn your idea into reality.

The Competition
MiddCHALLENGE is accepting proposals in which you explain the inspiration and/or viability of your idea or business.

Competition categories:

1) Business and Technology

2) Social Impact 

3) Arts

4) Sustainability 

The top chosen proposals in each of these areas will be invited to pitch their idea for 10 minutes to an expert panel of judges made up of alumni, local entrepreneurs, community members and faculty. Two projects in each category will be chosen to win.

The Benefits

Winners will receive up to $3,000 for the summer. Students will be able to take advantage of office space in Old Stone Mill, Middlebury’s summer room and board, and Innovation Hub mentoring. 


MiddCHALLENGE winners will have frequent communication with the Innovation Hub over the summer, reporting their accomplishments, problems, and future plans monthly through the end of August. This doesn’t mean you have to come in knowing all of the answers, it just means you have to commit to consistent effort to move your project forward.


All current Middlebury students are eligible. (Yes, even seniors.)


Click here for the MiddChallenge 2019 Application.  Applications are due on March 22th, 2019. When you apply please specify the category you would like to apply to. Finalists will be selected and notified more than a week before the pitch competition on April 6th, 2019.  

The top applicants in each area will be asked to present to a panel of expert judges who will determine whether they qualify for an award. There will be a prep session offered by Oratory Now for those who wish to sharpen their presentation skills the week before.

*n.b. MiddChallenge was formally known as Stonehenge

Click here to read final reports of 2018 MiddChallenge recipients. 

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