MiddCHALLENGE 2016 Winners


Greg Conrad '17 – The New England Core is a hockey tournament for middle school kids that uses the power of mentorship to both inspire youth and create a team culture that promotes leadership, personal growth, and player development on the ice and beyond.

Greg Conrad '17


Education, Outreach, and Policy Winners

Kristin Richards '17 & Joy Wood '17 (recipients of full grant) – STEAM Girls is providing opportunities for young girls to experience and fall in love with computer science and robotics. They will be holding summer camp sessions in August to teach middle school girls Arduino programming and Lego robotics. Kristin and Joy hope that providing these experiences to girls at a young age will help tackle the problem of female underrepresentation in the STEM field.

JJ Moser '16.5 (recipient of half grant) – ThinkingBuddies is a program that aims to create a space for students to have social study groups in their classes. Students can sign up for their class's ThinkingBuddies group, engage in team-building exercise with a facilitator, and continue the experience through the program's app.

Rodrigo Andrade '17 (recipient of half grant) – Vysta.com is a mentoring platform for international students who are going to school in the United States. International students are often confused and struggling to find a job or internship because of work visas and other issues that come with their status. Vysta helps international students connect with alumni who have been through similar experiences and are in their preferred industry to mentor them and provide guidance as they go through these processes.


Arts Winners

Amanda Kimm '17, Miguel Castillo '17.5, Otto Pierce '16, Andrew Pester '17, & Amanda Lorena Neira '17 (recipients of full grant) – Landing/Shifting: Roots of Movement is a creative dance research project in which the team will synthesize the knowledge garnered from creative, collaborative, and hands-on experiences over the summer and fall into performances and workshops at the Middlebury College Organic Farm. The goal of the project is to inform the dancers' practices as emerging artists and deepen our collective community understanding of the interconnectedness of physical embodiment and environmental responsibility. Each team member will be in a different location across the globe this summer, where they will each conduct their research before bringing it all together.

Bilal Ansar Khan '18 & Hamza Kiyani '19 (recipients of half grant) – Documentary in Kashmir: Bilal and Hamza are traveling to Azad Kashmir (area controlled by Pakistan in the contentious region) to produce a travel documentary on the area's people, places, and particular eccentricities. This region of Pakistan has been largely neglected by the media except for coverage of the wars between India and Pakistan. Both are native Pakistanis and hope to highlight aspects of the area that never have been before, such as the food, culture, and political ideologies.

Weston Uram '18 (recipient of half grant) – Weston Uram Hoodies is a collection of black hoodies that will each have Weston's name, the date of creation, and an edition number. Inspiration for this project comes from artists dealing with the intersection of advertising, collection art, and the ever-growing necessity to be your own brand ambassador. The goal is not to make a profit, but rather to create an object of desire, as artists these days are encouraged to put an emphasis on collectability, rarity, and uniqueness.


Business Participants

Brandon Gell '16, Sherif Nada '16, Davin Chia '17 (recipients of full grant)Photon is photo printing, simplified. Photon is the simplest way to print your photos: upload your photos through their mobile app and find it in your mailbox - your photos, delivered. The team recognized an opportunity in the lack of intentionality with our society's photo-taking habits and is using Photon as a platform for putting intentionality back in the way we preserve our memories. Learn more at their website.

Maryam Mahboon '18 (recipient of half grant) Mac & Choose is a late-night local and organic macaroni and cheese delivery service and food truck for college students, with various condiment options to keep the mac and cheese novel and exciting every time. M&C is open when all other food options on campus are unavailable. Customers can either go to the truck and place an order, or they can put in an order for delivery. 

Maddison Brusman '18.5 & Ryan Rizzo '18.5 (recipient of half grant) CatchMe is live-action gaming app that is making the management and logistical aspects of the popular game "Assassin" easier and more efficient. The app manages the bookkeeping of payments/payouts, assigning targets, scoring, and rankings. The app will also allow players to take and stream live video feeds of eliminations on a college campus. The team wants to bring the Assassin phenomenon's excitement and community building to college campuses in a new way.


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