MiddChallenge 2017 Recipients

Social Entrepreneurship

Amy Jo Weaver ’18.5 and Nosagie Asaolu ’18 (half grant recipients)-- MiddPool Ride Sharing aims to create a centralized, user-friendly ride-sharing website to, from, and around Middlebury Campus.

Isabella Epstein '20 (half grant recipient)-- Belle by Bella is a handmade jewelry enterprise that was inspired by Isabella's travels in Columbia. It's mission is to empower artisans, indigenous and impoverished people by giving them access to a larger market.

Ian Sexton '19 (full grant recipient)-- Scholar Hunt is a common app for scholarships that brings together scholarship providers and students onto one, unified platform.


Nicole Cheng '17.5 (full grant recipient) -- The Desire to See in the Anthropocene is an art and educatoin project that explores the question of visual communication in the Anthropocene through the friction of art and science.

Kristin Richards ’17, Joy Wood ’17, Joey Hernandez ’19 (full grant recipients) -- STEAM Girls is a robotics and computer science camp for middle school-aged girls in the Middlebury area. Their mission is to provide an opportunity for girls to experience and fall in love with computer science and robotics.


Smithi Skunnawat ’18.5 (mini grant recipient) -- Bangkok Persona is an online documentary series about Thai and non-Thai in Bangkok. Preview his link (https://vimeo.com/198791630) to a preliminary trailer he has made since he was last able to film. 

Coumba Winfield ’17 (mini grant recipient) -- Favor It is a continuation of a Middlebury-based task app that Coumba has been working on for the past two years. She will be creating all of the marketing materials this summer, in order to communicate the "made for students, by students" feel. 

Danilo Herrera ’18, Briana Garret ’19, Devin McGrath-Conwell ’18.5, Iram Asghar ’18, Maxwell Scott Leslie ’18 (full grant recipients) -- The Basement is a 10 episode Web series that celebrates differences and fictionalizes controversies we see in college settings.


Noah Klammer ’17 (mini grant recipient) -- SmartWire is a product that Noah hopes will change how consumers fundamentally interact with the electric grid.

Connor Forrest ’17.5 and Craig Calhoun ’18.5 (mini grant recipient) -- Red Ink is a service that collects and displays side-by-side versions of the first and final drafts from published works of creative fiction/nonfiction.

Rachel Salerno ’18, Linley Shaw ’17, Lena Jacobs ’17.5, Michelle Yang ’17.5, Greta Hulleberg ’19, Charlotte Reider-Smith ’19, Lily Taub ’17 (full grant recipients) -- Share to Wear is a peer-to-peer platform clothing rental service with Middlebury students supplying the rental clothes. They're working to create one large, accessible, fashionable, and affordable closet for all Midd Kids.

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