Projects for Peace

Middlebury is pleased to be a participating member of Projects for Peace, a program that honors Kathryn Wasserman Davis, a noted philanthropist who was interested in finding new ways to advance world peace. Four years ago, Mrs. Davis chose to celebrate her centennial birthday by committing $1 million dollars to fund “100 Projects for Peace.” Undergraduate students at more than 90 college campuses across the United States, including Middlebury students, are eligible to design and submit proposals that address the goal of improving the prospects for peace in the 21st century. The top submissions from the participating campuses, including at least one from Middlebury, will receive $10,000 in funding to initiate projects anywhere in the world during the summer of that year.

Each year President Laurie Patton will also select and fund one additional project. This is a tradition started by President Emeritus Ron Liebowitz, who chose to put resources from the President's discretionary fund towards a second project because he believed that “the values that this project represent touches on what are among the most important ones a liberal arts education can impart to its students—clear analytical thinking, excellent communications, self-confidence, creativity, and initiative.”

We invite passionate undergraduate students from all academic backgrounds to consider ways in which their unique experiences and perspectives might inspire a world peace project.

Applications for the 2016-17 academic year are due on Monday, December 5th. Information sessions for the process will be held on Monday, October 24th and Monday, October 31st at 4:30 at 118 South Main Street. 

If you have any questions please feel free to email Heather Neuwirth '08, Director of Programs for the Center for Creativity, Innovation, and Social Entrepreneurship at

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