Financial Services

SGA Finance Committee Website

Contact: Jessie Jerry x3156

Accessing and Monitoring Funds

Student organizations automatically receive a copy of their budget to their student organization email once every month.  If you wish to receive your budget more frequently, you can contact Jessie Jerry at jjerry@middlebury.edu.

Each organization should develop its own methods of bookkeeping. We strongly suggest that organizations keep track of transactions and regularly check against the pdf mentioned above for discrepancies. Please inform Student Activities (SA) as soon as possible if there is an error in your statement so that the error may be investigated.

Group leaders have fiduciary responsibility for the organizational budgets. Treasurers may request a full review their accounts at any time by contacting Student Activities.

Funding Resources

Getting things done at Middlebury can be a challenge. There are so many departments, offices and organizations it is often difficult to know where to start.

The information below is to help you navigate the "blue tape" that is Middlebury's system of financial resources for student organizations.

Best place to start:

Student Activities

By design, Student Activities does not have funding of its own to directly support student programs. However, we do know where you can find resources across the campus and will assist you in finding sponsors and cosponsors.

Please note that the following listing covers only those funding sources that are open to students and student organizations seeking extra or co-curricular funding. There are also a number of opportunities for undergraduate research.

SGA Student Activities Fee

The Student Government Association, through the SGA Finance Committee, allocates funding to recognized and registered student organizations. go/sgafc.

Student Organizations

There are currently over 150 recognized and registered student organizations at Middlebury College. Student organizations can collaborate on projects, activities, events, etc. as long as the activity falls with the SGAFC guidelines and supports the mission of the sponsoring organization(s).

Middlebury College Activities Board

The MCAB Small Concert Initiative and the Speakers Committee will work with student organizations to host concerts and speakers on campus, respectively.

Departments and Offices

There are departments and offices across campus that provide funding opportunities for both student organizations and individual students. Contact their offices for more information.

Center for Careers and Internships

Rohatyn Center for International Affairs

Project on Creativity and Innovation

Academic Department Web sites

Many of the individual academic departments post links on their Web sites highlighting funded and unfunded undergraduate and postgraduate research opportunities.


Student organizations can access their funding in several ways. In each case the receipt or proof of purchase accompanied by a voucher form must be turned in to the Student Activities office. The receipt should have the purchaser’s name, ID and the organization index written on it and be attached to the voucher form. The voucher form needs to be signed by the organization treasurer.

Credit card purchases: Student Activities has a credit card that student organizations may use for online and phone purchases through the SA office.
Reimbursement: If money is spent out of pocket it may be reimbursed. You must provide the original receipt.
In-town or on-campus charges: Several businesses in town as well as many places on campus will accept the organization index code and proper identification in lieu of cash payment.
Bills or invoices: Some companies will issue a bill or invoice, in this case submit the bill or invoice with the voucher form. Only original bills or invoices will be accepted by the Accounting Office for payment.
Contract: Contracts should be worked out well in advance with companies or individuals for services rendered. In addition we will need a W9, and a certificate of insurance. Contact the SA office a month beforehand.
Journal entries (aka transfers): Money can be transferred from one campus account to another, often used for co-sponsored events. You will need the index for both accounts and email confirmations from both organizations. Contact the SA office.

All purchases must be approved by the treasurer and will be reviewed by the finance committee. Unauthorized purchases will be the responsibility of the purchaser and will be billed to that student’s personal account.

Back-Up Documentation

Original invoices and original receipts must be submitted to SA for all purchases. Credit card authorization slips alone are not acceptable back-up. The original itemized receipt (i.e. the itemized tape from Shaw’s or the itemized bill from a restaurant) must also be attached. Attach all receipts to the filled out voucher form.

Over-Expenditures, Fines, and Damages

Middlebury College will not cover expenses for student organizations that spend more than they have in their accounts or those that incur fees for fines and/or damages. Such over-expenditures will be the responsibility of Finance Officers/Lead Officers in the student organization. If the above listed officers knowingly authorize over-expenditures, they will be held individually responsible, with the expense added to their term bills. This includes, but is not limited to, parking and traffic violations.

Getting a Student Organization Account

Once a student organization has been approved by the Constitution Committee, an account is created for the group. This account is established regardless of Finance Committee funding. Sources of funding - such as cash from dues, revenue from ticket sales or fundraisers, a completed transfer from a campus department, etc. - must be processed through this account. Accounts at local banks are not permitted. Maintaining an off-campus bank account may result in a loss of access to College and SGA funds.


Deposits of checks and cash must be made through Student Activities. Groups should not pay for organization expenses with cash.