Spring 2012

Freshta Basij-Raskih (2014) will design and produce clothing using traditional ideas and materials from different provinces and ethnic groups in Afghanistan


Matthew Hedgpeth (2012), Sam Wyer (2012), and Daniel Vikum (2012) will write music and rehearse with bands The Trusion Project and Goat Pack, with hope to record an EP for the latter group


Matthew Whitley (2013) will create origami jewelry and host workshops for this craft


Alex Knight (2013) will study mixed-media paintings using graphite, charcoal, ink, watercolor, oil paint, oil pastels, charcoal pastels on paper, canvas, fabric, and cardboard


Emma Hodge (2012), Astrid Schanz-Garbassi (2012), and Nina Wright (2012) will experiment with healthy, local ingredients, create a cookbook of successful recipes, and document the process with photography


Chelsea Edgar (2013) will create a blog of interviews with artists, writers, and creative people in Vermont and New England


Michael K. Graham (2014) will develop Safinia, Inc.'s MedicalMentor, program that uses proprietary algorithms to guide physicians and patients in making medical care decisions


Fabiana Benedini Galli Zambardino (2015) will create mosaics out of recyclable materials


Elisabeth Seite (2013) will start a Happiness circle, where participants talk about happiness on philosophical, psychological, and poetical levels to understand Happiness today


William Brooke (2014) will use the Old Stone Mill as a social place for Middlebury students to create art in a group setting


Michi Arai (2014) will design and sew clothing with an interest in creating up-cycled work


Hannah Christie Meier (2012) will experiment with baking and crafts using Martha Stewart as a role model


Adina Marx-Arpadi (2013) will use the Old Stone Mill to create collage and found-object assemblage projects


Chapin Boyer (2014) will design and build a video game about a man trapped with a robot in a sentient forest


Sarah Briggs (2014) will use the Old Stone Mill as a space to paint


Linnea Meyer (2014) will start a shop on Etsy.com to sell unique, handmade jewelry


Josh Swartz (2014), Jeannie Bartlett (2015), Hannah Bristol (2014), and Annie Hopper (2014) will build a wooden sled—flexible flyer style—with guidance from a local dogsledder


Vivian Cowan (2014) will build Crater, a website like Amazon that sells environmentally green products


Sarah Bates (2014) will continue a fabric reconstruction project that began at the Old Stone Mill last spring, creating innovative up-cycled garments, with the hopes of beginning a profitable business


Ethan Litman (2013) will construct and operate a food and beverage cart at Middlebury College


Anthony Stepney (2014) will carry out photography projects, paintings, drawings, and music projects and create an interview series


Pierce Brown (2015) will work on various creative projects, including poetry, fiction, and drama for submission to literary publications


Patrick Li (2014), Zach Perzan (2014), and David Paolella (2014) will open an entrepreneurial sushi business on campus to provide sushi delivery services for students throughout the week


Tshering Yudon (2013) and Edward Pendgergast (2013) will bake and decorate a variety of different cupcakes to share with friends


Alexandra Weinstein (2013.5) will experiment with baking techniques to make the ultimate molten chocolate cake


Vincent Jones (2012) will organize and produce an exhibition of his photography


Anna Ready-Campbell (2013.5) will continue to explore linoleum printmaking


Bianca Giaever (2012.5) will continue the popular Dinner with Strangers, which invites strangers from the community to come together and enjoy a meal


Alex Bea (2012), will develop Bumu, a company that harvests the nutritional value of insects to feed developing populations