Spring 2013

Darren Chen (2016), Joonpyo Sohn (2016), Greg Karabinos (2015), Hasher Nisar (2016), and Khi Chou (2016) are preparing for the USA Management Challenge.

Tiffany Ting (2014) is continuing her food blog, "Fork the World: A Cooking Blog"

Andrew Catomeris (2015) is working to provide cheap knife sharpening to students and the community.

Jenny Marks (2014.5) is experimenting with stencil street art and flim photography.

Levi Westerveld (2015.5) and Vicky Marambio (2014.5) are hosting a weekly drawing workshop of various mediums.

Ben Stasiuk (2013.5) is perfecting his passion for tying flies for fly fishing.

Michael Judy (2015.5) is growing herbs with hopes of experimenting with their flavors in hopes of selling his creations.

Lauren Yang (2013) is carrying out a portraiture project called "Projections" about gender, racial, and projected stereotypes.

Isaac Baker (2014) and Christian Cain (2014.5) are developing and perfecting their hard cider recipes.

Anna Carroll (2014.5) is painting landscapes of her home state, Montana.

Zach Perzan (2014.5), David Paolella (2014.5), Patrick Li (2014.5) are exploring how to roll a variety of sushi and cook Asian dishes.

Eliot Neal (2015) is writing, practicing, and recording music.

Harry Zieve Cohen (2015), Chris Kennedy (2015), Nathan Weil (2015), Oliver Mayers (2015), Eddie Danino (2015), Jack Cookson (2015), and Elias Gilman (2015) are developing Middlebury Foods, an organization that strives to provide a market-based solution to hunger in Vermont.

Cody Austern-Aceto (2016.5) is building an electric guitar.

Mack Pauly (2014.5) is continuing his progress with his publishing company, Space Face Books.

Michael Martini (2015) is creating a spark gap tesla coil.

Nathan Goldstone (2013) is continuing his work on his novel.

Holly Hummer (2015) is experimenting with making French macarons, a brightly colored pastry.

Nick Rehmus (2015.5) and Björn Peterson (2015.5) are writing, practicing, and recording an album.

Marissa Perez (2016) is developing a photojournalism project that reveals people's life stories.

Samantha Vila (2015) is making a 3D aquarium inspired by Riusuke Fukahori.

Will Peckham (2014) is pursuing a project called H2Know, a smart-metering water fixture system.

Adrianna Baker (2015) and Sarah Ogden (2015) are developing gluten-free recipes for both cooking and baking.

Kyle Gerstenschlager (2015) is experimenting with new recipes and donating the food to the Community Suppers in town.

Danielle Collins (2015.5) is creating truffles to explore the process and to share with students on campus.

Aoife Duna (2016.5) is creating large, abstract paintings to communicate concepts of collective and personal identities.

Chloe Wilwerding (2015) is creating pour paintings with acrylics.

Krista Duke (2016) is planning dinners to connect the artist community on and off campus.

Ria Gerger (2016) and Katy Kim (2016) are working on "Operation Creative Outlet," a project that invigorates the creative spirit through various crafts and form of artistic expression.

Irene Estefania Gonzalez (2015) is continuing "The Happiness Factory," a project meant to brighten people's days with small, anonymous gestures such as thank you notes or an encouraging quote delivered to a mailbox.

Rachel Sider (2014) is using OSM as an office for her work with Empowering Voices, an organization she created from a Davis Project for Peace grant.

Pierce Brown (2015) is continuing to write poems and short fiction.

Mrig Mehra (2013) is painting and making prints inspired by the music of the 60s and 70s.

Sophruka Fukukawa (2016) is practicing her love of makeup and hairstyling.

Claire Abbadi (2016), Carly Andersen (2016), and Amanda Geller (2016) are creating satirical holiday and greeting cards with original artwork and witty musings. Amanda Geller (2016) is also painting portraits and working to sell her paintings.

Ioannis Kipouros (2015) is recreating the clothes and fashion style of the Medieval Era while adding 21st century influences.

Moria Sloan (2015) is a series of informal photography exhibits around campus to encourage students recognize the creativity and inspiration around them.

Prestige Shongwe (2016), Jia Ying Teoh (2016), Adrian Leong (2016), and Ho Wang (2016) is developing a prototype of a solar-powered lap desk.

Iracema Torres Drew (2013) is using OSM as a quiet space to continue his writing.

Kiya Vega-Hutchens (2013.5), Iracema Torres Drew (2013), and Syeda Habib (2013.5) are planning to start a dairy-free ice cream business in NYC and is using OSM as an office space.

David Freiberg (2015) is exploring fusion cooking techniques.

Jebb Norton (2013.5), Austin Bergeron (2013), Eyal Levy (2014.5), and Erik Benepe (2013.5) are continuing to learn the craft of brewing beer.

Sam Koplinka-Loehr (2013) is using the space to decipher the meanings of dreams.

Geoffrey Genova (2015) is continuing his work with stenviling and splatter paint.

Ben Anderson (2014.5) and Chapin Boyer (2014) are designing a tabletop game called Psychout.

Ian Thomas (2013.5) is continuing to design and code iPhone and iPad applications.

Sarah Briggs (2014.5) is continuing her painting projects.

Petr Knor (2015) and Kristina Pallova (2016) are continuing their photography projects that explore identity, relationships, and the Middlebury community.

Clare Donohue-Meyer (2016) and Sarah Galitre (exchange student) are hosting sessions that encourage work on a variety of knitting and sewing projects while sharing stories and reading aloud from varios novels.

Zachary Lounsbury (2015.5) is focusing on Project FRAME, an effort that uses the placement of empty picture frames to invoke an appreciation of the world around us.

Molly Shane (2013) is hosting Energy Literacy Dinners, events that give students a space to learn about, discuss, and explore energy efficiency on campus.