Stonehenge 2011

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

Axinn 232


Environment Competition

9:00 am – 10:30 am


Panel of Judges:

Nadine Canter Barnicle – Community Relations Manager, Addison County Transit Resources (ACTR); Environmental Affairs Consultant; Commissioner/Clerk, Town of Weybridge Planning Commission

Colin Davis ’03 – VP of Operations, American Retroworks, Inc. Good Point Recycling; Board member, Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility

Jon Isham – Associate Professor of Economics, Middlebury College; Co-editorIgnition: What You Can Do to Fight Global Warming and Spark a Movement

Maggie Paine ’79 - Director of Advancement Communications, Middlebury College; Vermont Nature Conservancy Board of Directors

Charlie Tipper ’82 – Vermont Nature Conservancy Board of Directors; South Hero Land Trust


Growing a Healthy Future WINNER

Ben Blackshear, Jacob Udell ’12, Janet Rodrigues ’12 and Kenny Williams ’12

A school garden in the Bronx that will act to alleviate environmental injustices and serve as an environmental education tool


Leaping and Climbing: A Photographic Investigation of How Place Forms Us

Chahakilo Tori ’12.5

A photographic investigation reflecting how landscapes can be formative in a child’s growth.


Environmental Education & Innovation Program for K-12 Students in Addison County, VT

Katie Romanov ’11.5, Elizabeth Boyd ’12, Sam Koplink-Loehr ’13 and Camille Seyler ’14

A Middlebury College student-led program that engages, educates and inspires local K-12 students to learn about environmental systems and solutions


Arts Competition

10:30 am – 12:15 pm

Panel of Judges:

Barbara Doyle-Wilch - Director of the Library, the Hotchkiss School; former head of Library and Information Services, Middlebury College; Ballet teacher

Peter Hamlin ’73 – Middlebury College Music Department

Carolyn Kuebler – Managing Editor, New England Review

Professor Vazquez – Assistant Professor, History of Art and Architecture, Middlebury College



Heap: A New Collection of Poetry

JP Allen ’11

A manuscript of 90 poems weaving other media (illustrations, audio, video etc.) into the text


Community Musical Album

Laura Heaberlin ’12.5

A full length album of original songs featuring musicians from Addison County and Middlebury College


The Human Brain in Lights WINNER

Evan Masseau ’11

An educational mixed media installation of the human brain etched onto plexiglass


A Granite State of Mind WINNER

Ryan Scura ’11

A documentary film about the surfers of New Hampshire



12:15 – 1:00 pm – Winter garden room, Axinn


Vermont Community and Policy Competition

1:00 am – 2:30 am

Panel of Judges:

Jim Douglas ’72 – Former Governor of Vermont; Executive in Residence, Political Science Department, Middlebury College

Professor Bert Johnson – Associate Professor of Political Science, Middlebury College

Lawrence Miller – Secretary of Commerce and Community Development, State of Vermont; Founder, Otter Creek Brewing

Lisa Ventriss – President, Vermont Business Roundtable; Board of Directors Greater Burlington Industrial Corp., Champlain College and Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies



Consolidation and Transformation: A Changing Education in VermontWINNER

Benjamin Weir ’11

A report on the benefits and drawbacks of regional education districts in Vermont, specifically examining their affect on school reform


Sights, Sounds, and Tales from Town: Connecting with the Local Community through Art and Music

Ariel Ritchin ’11 and Robert Nicol ’11

A project exploring the art and music world of Middlebury, culminating in a final exhibit and performance


Arsenic Contamination and its Effects on Vermont Public Health

Emily McDonald ’12 and Alex Geller ’12

A project researching arsenic levels in private drinking wells in Vermont and increasing  public awareness by creating a public awareness document


Business Competition

2:30 pm – 4:15 pm

Panel of Judges:

Cairn Cross – Co-founder and Managing Director, FreshTracks Capital

Ernie Parizeau – Partner, Norwest Venture Partners; Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at Babson/Olin College of Engineering; Middlebury spouse and parent

Elisabeth  Robert ’78 – CEO Terry precision Bicycles; former CEO Vermont Teddy Bear Company; Middlebury College Trustee

Andrew  Stickney – Director of Client Programs, Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies

Adam Volweiler ’09 -  Associate, Chestnut Partners; Former Old Stone Mill Board member; founder of Business Plan Competition at Middlebury College



Derivative Education and Recommendation Service

Aaron Kelly ’13

A subscription-based service that provides education on investing with options and specific recommendations on how the concepts can be applied in the subscriber’s portfolio


MiddSummer Rentals WINNER

Brian Sirkia ’12.5

An online market for summer college rentals, beginning at Middlebury College



Kate Strangfeld ’12

A business that sells nutritious, portable snacks that prove that neither flavor nor health have to be sacrificed when you are on the go


VTea: New England Twist on a Sweet Southern Tradition

Jay Saper ’13, Ford Van Fossan ’13, Sam Koplinka- Loehr ’13 and Sam Murray ’13

A business that produces and sells an organic iced tea beverage infused with maple sap




Stonehenge Committee 2011

Shelley Carlberg ’11

Trevor Dodds ’11

Macky Franklin ’11

Alex Guynn ’12

Annie Makela ’11.5

Avery McNiff ’12

Ben Silton ’11

Caroline Towbin ’10.5

Stonehenge 2010

Stonehenge 2010

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Bicentennial Hall 216

Environment Idea Competition

9:00 am – 10:30 am

Panel of Judges:

Pat Berry ’91 – Director of Institutional Support and Governmental Affairs, Vermont Law School

Peter Ryan – Middlebury Geology Department

Charlie Tipper ’82 – Vermont Nature Conservancy, South Hero Land Trust



This Valley My Home: The power of story to awaken an environmental ethic WINNER

Elias Alexander ’12 – Human Ecology major from Ashland, OR

Elias will create a performance piece that will explore the cultural and environmental issues of the Rogue Rover Valley in Oregon, and by extension the wider American society. The show will consist of folktales, songs and poems from our European-American ancestors and from the indigenous Takelma people of the region. His goal is to help people understand themselves, create community and foster a land ethic.


Evaluating the potential for a carbon credit market on the basis of “REDD” in the Maya Biosphere Reserve, El Peten, Guatemala

David Clark-Barol ’11 – ENVS major (Spanish minor) from Falmouth, MA

David will develop a set of criteria to evaluate potential sites in El Peten, Guatemala for incorporating carbon sequestration offsets into a forest management scheme. His fundamental idea is to provide more value to the forests that are intact than those that are converted to other uses.


Closed-loop geothermal Feasibility study at Middlebury College

Addison Godine ’11 – Architectural Studies major (Physics minor) from Milton, MA

Cate Brown ’12 – Political Science major (ES minor) from Hanover, NH

Addison and Cate will determine the feasibility of closed-loop geothermal as a means of heating and cooling buildings at Middlebury College. They believe that this technology could positively affect Middlebury’s environmental footprint and diversify its energy portfolio with a payback period of five to ten years.


Business Competition

11:00 am – 12:15 pm

Panel of Judges:

Michael Claudon – Middlebury Economics Department

David Bradbury – President, Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies

Robin Scheu – Executive Director, Addison County Economic Development Corp



Bicycle2Bicycle.com WINNER

McConnell (Macky) Franklin ’11 – Computer Science major from Taos, NM

Macky will create THE online tool for cyclists. Bicycle2Bicycle.com is a website that helps the cycling community by making it easy for cyclists to connect with one another, find cycling events in their area, and share photos, videos and race results. It will also included cycling event registration, an online marketplace where users can buy and sell used cycling equipment, and a coaches section where coaches can view and edit racers’ training schedules online.


New England Hard Cider

Peter Spyrou ’10.5 – Geography major from Glenville, CT

Peter will set up a hard cider business called “New England Hard Cider Company.” He will work with local producers to brew and bottle three different niche market ciders, “Northern Spy,” “Kalliste,” and “Avalon.” He will set up a website, design the bottles and labels and work with local vendors for the sale of this product.


Vermont Public Policy Idea Competition

12:30 pm – 2:00 pm

Panel of Judges:

Jim Douglas ’72 – Governor of Vermont

Bert Johnson – Middlebury Political Science Department

Lisa Ventriss – President, Vermont Business Roundtable



Outsourcing Justice: Private prisons and the future of Vermont Corrections WINNER

Aiden Arata ’12.5 – from Los Angeles, CA

Will Bellaimey ’10.5 - from Minneapolis, MN

Bianca Giaever ’12.5 - from Seattle,WA

Aiden, Will and Bianca plan to create a radio documentary on the Vermont State prison system. They will collect interviews from prisoners, their families, and politicians. They believe that the storytelling medium can be a powerful and moving device to raise awareness on this important issue.


Wind is Beautiful: Educating and Repositioning Public Opinion over Wind Turbine Development in Vermont

Matt Birnbaum ’12 – Environmental Policy major from Commack, NY

Matt will address the aesthetic concerns around the development and implications of wind turbine development in Vermont. He proposes using public art as an inspiration and gathering point (not unlike the cow parade) for the collection of opinions and education around this issue.


Race to Replace Vermont Yankee

Ben Wessel ’11.5 – ES Policy major from Washington, DC

Pier LaFarge ’10.5 – ES Policy major from Saunderstown, RI

Maya Van Wodtke ’13.5 – undeclared major from Guilford, VT

Sydney Schulz ’13.5 – undeclared major from Athens, OH

Abigail Borah ’13 – undeclared major from Princeton, NJ

Olivia Noble ’13 – undeclared major from Columbus, OH

The Race to Replace Vermont Yankee is a grassroots campaign that aims to bring the prospect of 100% clean electricity for Vermont to the forefront of the 2010 gubernatorial race. The campaign hopes to raise the salience of Vermont’s energy future and the prospect for clean energy jobs in the election, and to motivate and mobilize hundreds of young clean energy voters statewide. The campaign includes a bike ride at the end of April from Montpelier to Burlington to raise awareness.


Arts Idea Competition

2:30 pm – 4:00 pm

Panel of Judges:

Peter Hamlin ’73 – Middlebury Music Department

Stephen Kiernan ’82 – Writer and musician



Writing and Producing an Original Web TV Series: “College Radio”

Brad Becker ’11.5 – Film and Media major (English minor) from Sleepy Hollow, NY

Ele Woods ’11 - Theatre major from Los Angeles, CA

Brad and Ele will write and produce an online television series about the everyday quirks of a college radio station, specifically the staff that runs it. The series will consist of 3-7 minute episodes with 8-10 episodes in a season. They will create a website to promote the series.


Central Park: Borders, Divisions and Collisions

Emily Bennett ’12 – English and Creative Writing major from Philadelphia, PA

Alex Geller ’12 – English and Geography major from Minneapolis, MN

Emily and Alex will create a photojournalism project that explores diversity within the context of Central Park. They will conduct interviews with park supervisors and maintenance staff, examine local areas surrounding the park, complete various community service projects and spend time exploring the services and events that the park has to offer. By doing this they hope to gain a better understanding of the ways in which the various demographics make use of the shared common space.


Civil War Songs

Ava Conover Kerr ’12 – History major (Religion minor) from New York City, NY

Ava will write music about the Civil War, incorporating the bugle, over the shoulder sax-horn, snare drum and other instruments which were integral to the military ensembles, both the Union and Confederacy employed bands. She will tour battlefields, research period music and literature. She plans to perform the songs in the fall in the style of re-enactment, dressed in period military attire.


Translation of Machado de Assis’ Contos Fluminenses WINNER

Juan Castanheira Machado ’11 – Literary Studies/Econ major from Curitiba, Brazil

Juan will translate Machado de Assis’ book of short stories Contos Fluminenses from Portuguese to English. Juan wishes to expand Machado de Assis’ body of work available to English speakers. He has gained recognition as one of the most original and creative minds in the literary world. Juan learned Portuguese and English from an early age and has a familiarity with Brazilian culture and literature that comes from the cradle.


Thank you to all of the other student applicants this year:


A Memorial to the Incandescent Light Bulb

Ali Andrews ’12.5 – Physics/ES major from Seattle, WA

Ali will create a hanging sculpture, memorializing the incandescent light bulb in an attempt to simultaneously commemorate its simplicity and iconic beauty while helping to usher in the new technology of compact fluorescent light bulbs.


Stories from Across the Bridge

Andrew Forsthoefel  ’11 – ES/Nonfiction Writing major (Chinese minor) from Chadds Ford, PA

Andrew will use James Joyce and his compilation of stories, Dubliners, as the inspiration to paint a portrait of the town of Middlebury. Andrew will write a compilation of ten stories about various residents in an attempt to showcase the diversity of  Middlebury .


Pilgrimage of a Pioneer

Alena Giesche  ’11 – ES/Geology major (Dance minor) from Alfred, NY

Alena will create a dance video documentary project involving a pilgrimage to an ancestral place, a pioneership to a new place, and a reflection on home, a familiar place.


Queer Vermont: Life after the legalizing of gay marriage

Max Kanter ’10.5 – Geography major from Scottsdale, AZ

Bianca Giaever ’12.5 - from Seattle,WA

Max and Bianca are proposing a radio project producing and audio piece focusing on life as a member of the Vermont gay community since the legalization of gay marriage one year ago. They will interview community members, local gay rights advocacy groups, and organizations against same sex rights with the hope to create a piece that captures the true nature of gay life in Vermont. .


Researching the Story

Adam F. Kritzer  ’11 – ENAM/Creative Writing major from Greensboro, NC

Adam will write a screenplay telling the story of the last month of his grandfather’s life. His grandfather was the victim of multiple strokes and at 82 was involved in a murder.


Playing with Fairy Tales

Sasha Rivera ’12 – Theatre major from Leverett, MA

Sasha will write a play using fairy tales as inspiration. Her script will revolve around a house that metamorphoses reflecting the characters that inhabit it.


Middlebury to Manhattan: Building a Wooden Boat in the OSM and Rowing it to NYC

Peter Spyrou ’10.5 – Geography major from Glenville, CT

As a performance art piece, Peter will build a wooden boat and row it from Old Stone Mill in Middlebury, Vermont to Battery Park, New York City.


New, Cool

Ashley Tyner ’11 - Literary Studies major from Dayton, OH

Stephanie Preiss ’11 – Philosophy major from New York City, NY

Ashley and Stephanie will produce a documentary film that profiles young Middlebury alumni in their lives after Middlebury. They wish to document the struggles involved in pursuing alternative approaches to traditional career paths. They hope to capture both the challenges they have endured and the successes the have had.


Stonehenge Organizers

Jaya Ghosh '12

Katie Romanov '11

Cate Brown '12

Kara Montbleau '12

Avery McNiff '12

Caroline Towbin '10.5