Otto Nagengast

Middlebury College

If I had to describe my experience in Cameroon in a word, I would say: wonderful. Cameroon, Cameroonians, and the Middlebury program are all full of wonder. Cameroon has soaring mountains, beautiful beaches, and desert landscapes that look they belong on another planet. In the evenings, the crowded streets of Yaoundé are filled with the smells of roasting ears of corn, prunes, fish, and kebabs. Cameroonians are diverse, but they are all united by a vivaciousness and warmth that always made me feel at ease. Cameroonians were particularly impressed that I, as an American, was bothering to learn French, and their encouragement helped me to constantly work at improving my language abilities. The Middlebury program facilities organic, authentic, and meaningful engagement with the country and its people. This sets the program apart. The program staff all deeply care that you have your own, personal experience. I believe that study abroad should be a true adventure, and this is exactly what I had in Cameroon.