Middlebury Schools Abroad



Brian Yeh
I am a senior majoring in economics, and I studied at the School in China’s Beijing campus during the 2012-2013 academic year. One of my favorite memories from my time abroad was traveling solo to Hohhot, the capital of Inner Mongolia, during the first semester.
School of enrollment: Ohio State University
Semester(s) at MIC Beijing: Fall ’12, Spring ‘13
Email: yeh.130@osu.edu


Alex Levine
I don’t put on makeup often, but when I do, I prefer to engage in full-contact Peking opera face painting. I must say this was a major takeaway from my study abroad semester in the Chinese capital. Aside from that, I dabbled in the local customs of foot steeping and rote character memorization, and I perfected the double-handed peace sign to whip out for photo ops with lightning speed. Something I’ve yet to master, however, is the art of writing and submitting my bio to James.
School of enrollment: Fordham University
Semester(s) at MIC Beijing: Fall ‘12
Email: asipl3@gmail.com


Jihad Hajjouji
I am Jihad Hajjouji, a national of Morocco and a (rising) senior at Middlebury. My interest in China goes back to the time I spent in South Africa as a student of the African Leadership Academy, where Sino-Africa relations was a widely debated topic. After four years and an intensive summer course of Mandarin studies between Johannesburg and Middlebury, I finally got to see the real deal when I enrolled myself in the MIC program in Beijing last fall. This experience was full of highlights, but my fondest memory is of the weekend I spent at my Chinese roommate’s home. Sharing stories over some delicious home-made food was an amazing cultural experience and a real test for my Mandarin Chinese.
School of enrollment: Middlebury College
Semester(s) at MIC Beijing: Fall ‘12
Email: jhajjouji@middlebury.edu


John Steele
I attended the fall 2012 program in Hangzhou. The Middlebury program is unique in a lot of ways, but I think the way it stands out the most is the people it attracts; intelligent, hardworking, culturally minded, yet still approachable and fun. I keep in contact with the other students (Chinese and US) and some teachers. Being around other passionate people really enriches the experience both in the classroom and when exploring the city.
School of enrollment: Wesleyan University
Semester(s) at MIC Hangzhou: Fall ‘12
Email: Jrsteele@wesleyan.edu


Zella Henderson
While I love my time studying computer science at Smith College, I'm incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to spend my spring term 2013 in Hangzhou with MIC. I learned so much about myself in addition to the incredible progress I made in my Chinese, but I am especially appreciative to have had the chance to study Gongfu (Kung fu) abroad and better understand Chinese culture through that lens.
School of enrollment: Smith College
Semester(s) at MIC Hangzhou: Spring ‘13
Email: zhenders@smith.edu


Alena Shish
One of my favorite memories from my time in China was my visit to a bamboo forest on the outskirts of Hangzhou. During this day trip, I got to see one of the most beautiful places in China I had seen thus far. I also interacted with some visitors in the park who had also attended Zhejiang University of Technology. It was a great feeling to be able to relate to a by-passer just because I was familiar with the area.
School of enrollment: Middlebury College
Semester(s) at MIC Hangzhou: Fall ‘12
Email: ashish@middlebury.edu


Will Fulwider
Will Fulwider here. Kunming will forever be epitomized by my day in a tiny tea garden nestled amongst the newly constructed high rises of downtown Kunming. During my tenure as a Majiang trainee, I chatted frequently with the aging patrons about the finer points strategy for China’s national game as well as about life under Maoism.
School of enrollment: Washington & Lee University
Semester(s) at MIC Kunming: Fall ‘12
Email: fulwiderw14@mail.wlu.edu


Juliet Kiester
I am a biology major with minors in dance and Chinese. The Middlebury in China Kunming program gave me so many opportunities to build relationships with wonderful people and study topics I truly cared about, it’s hard to pick a favorite memory, but I will never forget a trip we took to the gorgeous Fuxian Lake where we taught our friend Binbin (one of the Chinese roommates) how to swim for the first time!
School of enrollment: University of Washington
Semester(s) at MIC Kunming: Fall ‘12
Email: Juliet.kiester@gmail.com


Michael Hendrickson
I go to Middlebury college in Vermont, I studied abroad in Kunming and my favorite memory is playing “shashou” (mafia) with our one-on-one tutors.
School of enrollment: Middlebury College
Semester(s) at MIC Kunming: Spring ‘13
Email: mhendrickson@middlebury.edu