Travis Trojan, Beijing

Wofford College

Having already visited Beijing, coming back to the city was like greeting an old friend. However, the great thing about Beijing is that there is always something new to discover and explore. The atmosphere provided by the lively staff, the friendly teachers, and my amazing friends made every day in Beijing an adventure, whether we were listening to a lecture in the Buddhist temple, visiting the local milk-tea stand, or working on group projects at CNU. One of my favorite experiences with Middlebury was our class trip to Luoyang. From playing cards, to the all day hike in the mountains, to the larger-than-life experience in the Longmen Grottoes, the sense of community among the staff, students, and roommates was unforgettable. Another great experience was taking a trip to the 798 Art District in Beijing with my roommate, a Beijing local. We spent the day bebopping around, checking out the galleries, chilling out in the cafés, and soaking up the “APEC-Blue” skies! A perfect break from those good ‘ol Middlebury academics. I can’t imagine having a better study abroad experience. In the end, I arrived greeting an old friend, but left saying goodbye to a family.