Academic and Student Life Support

The director provides academic advising and guidance, while local students, trained by Middlebury staff, work as Babel-Guides to help participants develop their writing skills for their research papers in individual writing workshops. The Babel-Guides also support them in integrating into German student life. 


Upon arrival, students are supported by Babel-Guides who help them with all bureaucratic steps included in city registration and enrollment at the university.  During the orientation period, students become familiar with the academic system, their host university, and the city they live in. By completing unique culture projects, they immediately begin to pursue their own interests, explore their city, and begin speaking with native speakers from day one.

Guided Independence

The individual, student-centered support we provide is meant to increase students’ independence, so they own their own experience.

Language Partners

We support students with finding language partners of groups or individual native speakers who share their interests. Past students have also chosen to join in the uniquely German ‘Vereinskultur’- collective groups of people that meet to share similar interests, in subjects like photography, horse-back riding, or dance- where they can improve their language skills while practicing a favorite hobby.